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The Wolf Among Us 2: What Do We Know?

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It's been a tough few years for Telltale Games; made even tougher with the company temporarily going out of business back in 2017, as well as both critics and fans constantly badgering the team for unattainable answers. However, after shovelling through what looked like the Tour de France of speed bumps, the masters of story-driven video games finally made a triumphant return. And now, at long last, things are finally starting to look up.

But let's talk The Wolf Among Us. The fact is, we've been wanting a sequel for the critically acclaimed episodic adventure for the best part of eight years now. And of course, Telltale often spoke about it like it was a sure-fire thing. Only it never happened, and before long, it fizzled out of sight and departed alongside Telltale's former studio.

That was 2017. Things have changed a lot since then, and believe it or not — the project is back on the table, and it's in full swing with a few milestones already ticked from the list. That means, with a little luck, we'll have our wishes granted sometime around 2022, maybe 2023 at a push. Hopefully.

So, what do we know?

Anyway, Telltale recently shed light on the game's current progress. According to the team, The Wolf Among Us 2 will be set six months after the events of the original, and will include brand new Fables, a much larger open world environment, and a heavier focus on its exploration elements.

It's been said that the scripts for the game have been finalized and the motion capture work is currently ongoing. Apart from that, as well as the few details on the narrative, Telltale has kept everything under wraps. But that's not a problem. The thing to take away is this: The Wolf Among Us is definitely making a return. It's just the case of when.

You can follow the updates for the game over on Telltale's official social handle here.

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