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The Toy-Filled World In Tin Hearts Allows You To Forge New Paths



Rogue Sun, the same developers of Fable, developed the toy-filled world of Tin Hearts. This world may make you feel trapped in the Toy Story series, Small Soldiers (1998), and The Polar Express (2004), simultaneously. Guide squads of tin soldiers to safety in an immersive puzzle/adventure game. Unlock powers to control the objects in the world from toy drums, toy blocks, and balloon-inflating machines. Like a child, link the paths together, so that the lively tin soldiers can cross.

Tin Hearts | Announcement Trailer

More About Tin Hearts:

Tin Hearts was announced during the Wired Productions Wired Direct livestream. The Lemmings-inspired video game is a story about love and beauty. In this game, Albert Butterworth is a genius inventor of Victorian times. Match your way to solving the puzzles in over 40 levels of time-bending to keep you eager for more. Forge new paths for the toy soldiers to follow, and solve riddles. Seek clues and get rewarded.

Rogue Sun did state that those with the early access version of Tin Hearts (which is not complete) will receive the new version for a free launch. That is reasonable. 


PS4 (PlayStation 4), PS5 (PlayStation 5), Nintendo Switch, PSVR, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Rift S

Tin Hearts supports Oculus Touch, where you can feel like you have virtual hands. 

Release Date: 

Tin Hearts is said to be coming this winter.

X-Rings: A Hand-mounted 360 Degree Shape Display for Grasping in Virtual Reality

Microsoft VR Prototype Controller: 

A hand-mounted, 360-degree display called X-Rings, is Microsoft’s VR Prototype Controller. Strapped to your hand allowing you to use your full body motion in throwing, this is somewhat similar to the Valve Index controllers, but with X-Rings, it adapts its width with the four motor-driven, expandable rings. The device uses a stack of four rings with capacity sensors and can deform virtual objects. 

Also, the device knows which plates that your fingers are and are not touching, as well as the force they are applying. Advanced interactions are enabled through combining the motors with the sensing, allowing you to break virtual ceramics or glass by squeezing too hard. 

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