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The Pokémon Sleep App is Finally Releasing this Summer, Four years late

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Pokémon Sleep App

The Pokemon Company has finally announced that the Pokémon Sleep App will launch later this year. Pokémon Sleep is a mobile game that turns sleep into fun through the power of Pokemon.

The Pokemon Company first announced Pokemon Sleep in May 2019. The game has been dormant for the last four years, with no details on the development progress. The company re-revealed the game during the February Pokémon Presents event. According to the details in the presentation, the app will monitor your sleeping patterns. The game aims to enhance your sleep quality by monitoring your sleep pattern and rewarding you for the time you spend sleeping. 

The showcase featured a live-action promo and in-game footage showing how the game works. 

Pokémon Sleep takes players to a brand-new island where Professor Neroli researches the peculiarities of Pokémon sleeping patterns. The player can capture other Pokémon drawn to Snorlax and rest near it while they are sleeping. According to the Pokemon Company, Pokemon Sleep is a fun way to measure, record, and analyze your sleeping patterns. In addition, the app will categorize your sleep into three types; dozing, snoozing, and slumbering. You can unlock new Pokémon with various sleep types.

You can use the mobile app alone or another Pokémon gadget, the Pokémon Go Plus+ device. The company revealed the device at the  Pokémon Presents showcase. The Pokémon Go companion device serves as a sleep tracker for Pokémon Sleep and a Pokémon Go tool. The device will track your sleep and talk to you in Pikachu’s voice. However, playing Sleep doesn't necessarily require the device, as you can play the game with your smartphone.  Pokémon Go Plus+ launches on July 14, 2023,  while Pokémon Sleep releases this summer. The Pokemon Company did not reveal the exact dates.

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