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The Funniest Moments in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Some games change the landscape forever. One of those was Skyrim, the fifth installment in the Elder Scrolls franchise. A sprawling open world, its allure also came from the fact that it never took itself too seriously. All of this was enhanced with some well-placed glitches, which worked with the gameplay to create everything people could desire in a fantasy game. Below, we give our three favorite moments from the Elder Scrolls.

Taking a Giant Hit

To this day, no one is quite sure if this one was a deliberate attempt at humor by the developers or a glitch in the game. It occurred whenever a player would take a hit from a giant’s club. The attack would send them hurtling into the air, above and beyond anything else in the game. After spinning for an eternity, they would then hit the ground elsewhere.

This event proved so popular, according to Cyberghost’s list of the best video game glitches, it remained in the game itself. They noted that Bethesda refused to comment on it, leaving the odd spinning character a mystery. No patches were released to rectify it, but it is now entrenched in Skyrim lore and is a typical example of the cheeky humor of the developers.

Underwear-Clad Postal Workers

If you ever have a letter or item delivered to your character, then it will be dropped off by a courier. They act as postal workers in Skyrim, running from village to village in an attempt to find the Dragonborn. However, they don’t arrive dressed like the standard US Postal Service worker. In some cases, they are not dressed at all.

It is quite a regular occurrence for the courier to turn up clad in just a loincloth. This is a fabric that was used as an ancient type of underwear. No one is quite sure why this takes place. Reddit users have theories that it may occur if the postal worker is killed during the delivery process and then respawns. This puts Skyrim in a unique class of games in which it features characters who run around in underwear for no given reason. You can find a list of them here at Blockfort.

It is also quite odd that the courier can arrive at the most inconvenient times without even being spotted. Hiding in a bush ready to ambush some bandits? A courier can arrive, and no one will notice.

A Love of Chickens

As you walk around Skyrim, you will find numerous creatures, some mythical, and some not. The lowliest of these is the chicken, which will offer very little of a fight should you attack one. However, the repercussions can be devastating.

Kill any chicken and you can expect a bounty on your head. Villagers will suddenly attack you, even if they are mild-mannered merchants who just asked you to dispatch a band of mud crabs because they can’t do it themselves. You can soon find yourself run out of town just because you fancied a homemade KFC.

Of course, Skyrim is filled with many more comedic occurrences that may or may not have been placed deliberately by the developers Bethesda. When mods come into the game, and you suddenly find out-of-place characters it gets even better.

If you have a favorite Skyrim moment, then let us know in the comments section or on social media.

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