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The Compelling JETT: The Far Shore Is The Second Video Game of Superbrothers



Following 2011’s cult classic, Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP, is JETT: The Far Shore (the second video game from the Quebec-based Superbrothers). Jett, the single player, cinematic, action-adventure, was first revealed at last year’s PS5 reveal event. Players get to play as Mei (a scout and ‘anchorite’) sent alongside a group of explorers on a mythic, ocean planet. Jett: The Far Shore allows you experience laid-back exploration with a sea of music and 3D sound.

JETT: The Far Shore - Reveal Trailer | PS5, PS4

Build a new future and explore the vast unknown on a “jett,” (a high-speed aircraft capable of skimming across land and sea, where you can investigate local flora and fauna). Encounter new challenges, adapting to a systemic open world and discover more with an intimate cast. This is a story about courage, regret, and wonder. Most importantly, understand the source of the mysterious “hymnwave,” (a driving force for humans to look to the stars for salvation). JETT: The Far Shore is available for the following platforms: PS4 (Playstation 4), PS5 (Playstation 5), and Windows PC via Epic Games Store on October 5, 2021. 

Learn about Mei’s fellow travelers in first-person sequences and just how dangerous the mission is. 

What Makes JETT: The Far Shore Compelling?:

Set off as a pilot and researcher with a reliable crew of aviator scientists on interstellar adventures and spot alien landscapes. There are various species to study in the alien wildlife and you get to learn more about Isao (a calm person, assisting you with getting up to speed with your ship). During the gameplay, you can speed between trees to flee from pterodactyl-like space wasps. Barrel roll to prevent the creatures from puncturing your vessel and hide in a canopy to lead them misguided. 

There are various vibes we may have about the limitless environment of space, striking a lot of interest. In space, fantasy can arguably become a reality and to. Some of us may say aliens do exist.

JETT : The Far Shore - Gameplay Trailer | PS5, PS4


  • Soak in a sea of music and 3D sound with a breathtaking score of Scntfc
  • Investigate the source of ‘the hymnwave,’ an interstellar invitation that propelled people to look beyond the skies and across the sea of stars, for salvation
  • Deploy to the surface of the alien, ocean planet: skim up undiscovered coastlines, adapt to new perils, inspect indigenous flora and fauna, and problem-solve tough obstacles using your jett’s array of scientific tools
  • Rendezvous at ‘Ground Control’ and get to know fellow scouts in relaxed first-person sequences. Scouts will struggle together to “satisfy ‘Jao’s directives’,” acquitting themselves with honor.
  • Embark on an exploratory single player adventure, which is presented in five captivating acts (where there are moments of heartfelt companionship, occasional white-knuckle action, laid-back exploration, monumental moments, and a helping of existential dread
  • Evade pursuers, endure hardships, and grapple with massive ‘kolos’ creatures by out-pacing or out-smarting adversaries and navigating hazards

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