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The Analogue OS Will Be Included In The Analogue Pocket



The new operating system, Analogue OS, will be included in its upcoming handheld multi-video game device, the Analogue Pocket. Analogue Pocket is compatible with the 2780+ Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance game cartridge library. Explore, discover, and play through all of video game history with Analogue OS. Analogue OS will allow you to find out what revision of the game you are playing and every detail that was changed for the revision.

This device (with 1600x1440 resolution, which is 10 times the resolution of an original Game Boy), works for cartridge adapters for other handheld devices, like the Neo Geo Pocket Color, Atari Lynx, Game Gear, and more. The Analogue Pocket is expected to be released some time in December.

Why The Analogue Pocket Is Important | indiejacob

Analogue OS Includes?:

Analogue OS will also include features like creating your own box art, capturing and saving screenshots, and tracking your gameplay progress (showing you key stats like how long you played a specific game and what days you played it). 

Analogue Pocket Partnered With What?: 

Pockets belong on clothes, but for the handheld game device, Analogue Pocket, not necessarily. Would it be overwhelming if I told you that the Analogue Pocket partnered with GB Studio? Bring your game ideas to life with zero programming experience needed. Since it is a drag and drop retro game creator, you should learn how to use it fast. 

Analogue Dock: 

With Analogue Dock, connect Analogue Pocket to your HDTV. For wireless play, simply, sync up any 2,4g controller or 8BitDo Bluetooth directly to the dock. It supports up to 4 players, where you can connect controllers directly via wireless USB. 

Nanoloop In Analogue Pocket:

Analogue Pocket has a built-in digital audio workstation, called the Nanoloop (designed for music creation and live performances). Whatever it is about the Analogue Pocket, your precious hands may abruptly turn unrecognizable, from how much you use this device. 

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