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TFT: the best compositions from the League of Legends 10.3 patch

TFT: the best compositions from the League of Legends 10.3 patch



League of Legends (LoL) received an update last Wednesday (5) that brought changes to the auto battle Teamfight Tactics (TFT). Removing the spatulas on the merry-go-round is one of the main new features of Patch 10.3, but it is offset by a greater chance of getting it in the spoils, increasing the diversity of possible compositions (comps) and adaptation. Despite this, the game should not undergo very drastic changes, as Set two is coming to an end and Riot Games will not make any major changes. Here are some of the best combinations to use in LoL Patch 10.3.

Spiritual, Light and Mystical Link (Tier S)

Champions: Lucian, Soraka, Aatrox, Senna, Master Yi, Karma, Janna, Sion and Kindred

This composition is based on Lucian’s return. Although the origin Luz and some champions received nerfs, the sniper gained adjustments that favored him. Using only three units of light and other pieces to increase his resistance, Lucian’s potential damage is quite effective. Another option for hyper carry is Kindred, which manages to share this function if you can join Shadow champions to complement your team.


  • Lucian and other central pieces of the composition take time to appear in the game, don’t be afraid to start with some mix that will take you to the mid game;
  • Place Karma next to Lucian and Senna in the back, so that your ability passes through Lucian;
  • Guardian Angel, Giant Slayer and Death Blade are good items for Lucian;
  • Mana items for Karma and Senna are great choices;
  • Mystics must protect your team from magic damage, but the Lunar effect can also help your team’s overall damage.
TFT: the best compositions from the League of Legends 10.3 patch

Lucian in League of Legends. (Image: Riot Games)

Predator, Poison and Crystal (Tier S)

Champions: Kog’Maw, Dr. Mundo / Singed, Twitch, Skarner, Warwick / Rek’Sai, Taric and Ashe

Predators have always been very strong units at the beginning of the game, both for the effect of their characteristic and for the ease of joining three of them in the early game. However, the great difficulty is its transition to mid / late game without losing effectiveness. In that sense, the Veneno and Cristal troops are great additions. Although the forms of Taric, Singed and Ashe contain expensive troops, the difference is huge and the player has quite a variety of choices between buffs.


  • It is very easy to find three predators at the beginning. Putting Kog, Skarner and Warwick together, you can guarantee some consecutive wins. Use this to ensure good savings;
  • Once you reach Lvl 6, look for Dr. Mundo and Twitch for your composition, thus completing the Veneno troops;
  • Some troops will lose their usefulness as the game progresses. Put resistance items on Skarner, Warwick and Rek’Sai, depending on which one is still on the table;
  • Taric and Ashe will bring the Crystal effect to the team, giving even more resistance. Attack speed items for Ashe will make the team less dependent on predators;
  • Singed is a priority even if the player already has three poisons. Dr. Mundo or Kog’Maw can be replaced in favor of him.
  • Another addition option is Nocturne, which will bring the Steel effect along with Rek’Sai, which can be useful in the mid game.
TFT: the best compositions from the League of Legends 10.3 patch

Kog’Maw in League of Legends. (Image: Riot Games)

Assassin, Electric and Watchmen (Tier A)

Champions: Zed, Kha’Zix, Qiyanna, Ornn, Volibear, Malphite/Amumu/Nautilus/Thresh

The champion suggestions may have been a little confusing, but this composition has many possible combinations depending on the game. Assassins received another buff from Ornn, making the option of mounting Trams much more viable. The big key is Qiyanna’s rotating element. According to his origin in the game, the player has a wide range of choices of Watchmen to combine his effects, with the strongest being the mountain with Malphite.


  • The changes in the spatula drop make this composition more viable to turn some pieces into killers. If it does, look for a G.p.C. on the carousels;
  • Ornn’s buff made him rise up on the priority list among the Watchers and is quite easy to find in the beginning. Buy as much as you can and set up two Watchmen early to help with resistance;
  • Volibear also enters the composition early to help Ornn with the Electric buff;
  • Qiyanna can totally change the direction of the composition. If it comes with the Mountain effect, join it with Taliyah to receive the shield and in the future, exchange Taliyah for Malphite;
  • Other Watchers that can match Qiyanna are Thresh and / or Nautilus with the Ocean buff and Amumu with the Hell buff;
  • Zed is a high-cost unit, so surviving to level seven is necessary for that unit to enter and really make a difference with the three electric ones.
TFT: the best compositions from the League of Legends 10.3 patch

Ornn in League of Legends. (Image: Riot Games)

Blade, Cloud and Lunar Master (Tier A)

Champions: Yasuo, Sivir, Aatrox, Master Yi, Janna, Karma and Leona

This composition is very specific and a little risky, but with the buffs in Yasuo, Janna and Yi, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the characteristics they carry. Yasuo and Leona should appear early in the game, and if you can get a spatula, it is a good idea to turn a piece into a Master of Blades to speed up the composition. Fortified by Lunar troops and with the Cloud effect, this junction can be lethal with the right items and still has room for more combinations.


  • This composition will become even more effective if the map element is Cloud. So, not only will some slots enhance the dodge effect, but Qiyanna will become a totally viable option for the team;
  • If the situation above happens, Qiyanna is a great candidate to be transformed into Master of the Blades;
  • Sivir is very strong with items of effect on contact. Stillness, Runnan Hurricane and Swordbreaker are great choices;
  • Position Karma close to your strongest troop. You can also take advantage of her Mystical characteristic with Janna and you will have magical resistance;
  • Master Yi will add both as a Mystic and as a Blade Master, but it has a very high cost and is slow to arrive. Don’t be afraid to use another character or feature to fulfill your role and meet the needs of the specific match;
  • The Desert feature can also be incorporated into the composition.
TFT: the best compositions from the League of Legends 10.3 patch

Yasuo in League of Legends. (Image: Riot Games)

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League of Legends Patch 10.4: TFT gets update, check out the tips

League of Legends Patch 10.4: TFT gets update, check out the tips



League of Legends (LoL) received patch 10.4 last Thursday (20). The update also brought some changes to Teamfight Tactics (TFT), one of the last changes to the Rise of the Elements set before the game received its third set in March. The buffs and nerfs were small, according to the latest updates, but with a significant change to the Glacial characteristic. See how the metagame has changed and the best compositions of the new patch.

Patrolmen, Poison and Crystal (Tier S)

Champions: Twitch, Ashe, Kindred, Varus, Dr. Mundo, Singed, Amumu and Taric

With the removal of the spatulas on the carousel, it became much more difficult to adapt their compositions, which is why characteristics that do not need transformation do better. Among them, Patrolmen have shown themselves to be increasingly strong, especially when using the other characteristics Veneno and Cristal in the late game. Critical items and attack speed are paramount in Twitch and Ashe, and the player must close the Poison troops with Mundo, Singed and Twitch as soon as possible.


  • Statikk knife and Guinsoo’s Blade of Fury are essential for your porters, preferably at Ashe;
  • This combination is very contested and very expensive, adding the Poison and Crystal effects is extremely necessary, so look for Singed and Taric soon;
  • Guardian Angel in Taric will further increase your team’s chances of survival;
  • Four patrolmen, three poisons and two crystals make you extremely strong. If you manage to reach this point, you will probably compete for first place;
  • Amumu is an extra unit that will add the Inferno and Watchman buff, but it is not a priority. Even so, if the option of using it happens, this is the choice.

Berserkers and Poison (Tier A)

Champions: Dr. Mundo, Sion, Olaf, Jax, Volibear, Renekton, Singed, Twitch and Ezreal

The strength of the Veneno troops has good synergy with another characteristic, the Berserkers. This composition has already entered and left the ranking of the strongest several times, but it should gain a greater boost in this new patch. The new Glacial effect, although better in this new update, is still not drastic, but next to the buff in Olaf and depending on your itemization, it can make a good difference.


  • Ornn and Volibear can guarantee a good early game and get this composition well, in addition to Jax and Renekton, who are easy to get at the beginning;
  • Olaf benefits from speed, attack and resistance items. Guinsoo’s Blade of Fury, Runnan’s Hurricane and Smoldering Cannon are good choices, in addition to Guardian Angel;
  • Alternatively, you can choose to place these items on Twitch, which will also serve as a second loader;
  • If the game is extended to the point of having nine pieces, Ezreal can complement with the effects of Ranger and Glacial;
  • An alternative version of this composition exists with only three Berserkers and using the Veneno and Vigia buffs. However, it is very situational and serves more as an adaptation to the game, in case it is not going very well.
League of Legends Patch 10.4: TFT gets update, check out the tips

With buffs, Olaf can become a great carrier in this composition. (Image: Riot Games)

Shadow and Hell (Tier A)

Champions: Kindred, Sion, Malzahar, Varus, Annie, Brand, Zyra, Amumu

This composition has been very popular for a while in the game, based on a lot of massive damage from all team members. The difference is that with the reduction of the Spatula’s appearance, it is much more difficult to transform someone into Hell, so this composition is much more flexible than anything else. With three members of each trait, the player will decide whether it is worth pursuing six Hells or six Shadows, but if he cannot transform someone, it is recommended to go to the Shadow route.


  • On a fire map, use Qiyanna to complement the team with Hells;
  • Kindred is its main charger, as it benefits from both characteristics. Items like Shojin’s Spear, Seraph’s Embrace and Runnan’s Hurricane are great choices for the unit;
  • Sion will be your front line until Amumu arrives. Place defensive items on it, such as Guardian Angel and Dragon’s Claws;
  • Many other units can contribute damage in addition to Kindred. Brand does very well with mana items and magic damage, and Morellonomicon is a good choice for Amumu;
  • Malzahar can be replaced by Master Yi in the late game.
League of Legends Patch 10.4: TFT gets update, check out the tips

Kindred remains a solid carry on the Rise of the Elements. (Image: Riot Games)

Summoner and Assassin (Tier S)

Champions: Azir, Annie, Yorick, Kha’Zix, Qiyanna, Zed, Karma and Nami / Soraka

This composition is very flexible but is mainly focused on Azir, a very popular and strong TFT champion who manages to be a great carry. Put it with two stars for the composition to start spinning, and include items like Guinsoo’s Blade of Fury, Shojin’s Spear and Adormada Gauntlet on the magazine. Alternatively, you can use some defense items as well, but always leave Karma at your side to buff it.


  • The composition must revolve around Azir, so the effect of the Summoners, Desert and the presence of Karma beside him is indispensable;
  • With the Summoners’ effect, Azir can attack for longer. Use Malzahar and Zyra at the beginning to take advantage of this effect, but exchange them for Yorick and Annie as soon as possible;
  • It is very difficult to find a Zed in the game, so don’t give priority to the Assassins’ effect. It is important to guarantee Qiyanna and Kha’Zix to have the effect of the Desert which will also benefit Azir;
  • If you get Zed, items like Redemption, Guardian Angel and Dragon’s Claw are great on him;
  • Mystic is a good effect to complete your composition. Nami is a great choice but alternatively, Soraka can be used if Azir is transformed into Light.
League of Legends Patch 10.4: TFT gets update, check out the tips

Azir remains very strong and this composition is centered around him. (Image: Riot Games)

Blademaster, Mystic and Desert (Tier A)

Champions: Yasuo, Sivir, Karma, Janna, Leona, Azir / Kha’Zix and Malphite

Growing in popularity since the small buff that Yasuo received in the last patch, this composition is another one that is based around a champion. Being able to use his ability faster this time, Yasuo focuses on the enemy with more items, usually the carry of the enemy team. In addition to Mystic to generate more defense and Desert to do more damage, the composition also brings Lunar and Cloud to further strengthen Yasuo’s ability.


  • Some pieces are essential for the composition, they are: Yasuo, Karma, Sivir, Janna and Azir / Kha’Zix, placing Karma always close to Yasuo;
  • Team Hand of Justice, Guardian Angel and Bloodthirsty at Yasuo;
  • If it is a wind map, Qiyanna can also be added to the composition to enhance the Cloud buff;
  • Kha’Zix or Azir can be your second carrier, with Seraph’s Embrace serving for both, Guinsoo’s Blade of Fury for Azir or Bloodthirsty for Kha’Zix;
  • In the late game, Master Yi can be added for being a Mystic and a Blade Master. If you want the effect of four masters, Aatrox can also be used.
League of Legends Patch 10.4: TFT gets update, check out the tips

The small buff in the previous patch made Yasuo a lot stronger. (Image: Riot Games)


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Free Fire: check out what’s new in the February update

Free Fire: check out what's new in the February update



After being postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Free Fire update should take place between February 25th and 26th, with great expectations from the community for impactful changes. In this case, among the main novelties is the exchange of maps, which will occur with the removal of Purgatory and the inclusion of Kalahari. The justification given by Garena to carry out the exchange is the community’s desire to have a map capable of yielding more action, in addition to Purgatory being considered very similar to Bermuda, the first map launched by the developer.

Free Fire: check out what's new in the February update

Kalahari is the new map that will be introduced in Free Fire. (Image: Garena)

In addition, the update will also include numerous additions such as new items in ranked matches, the arrival of the Shield Weapon, a new weapon different from the traditional one; the introduction of a new item called an inhaler; the new functionality that will make it possible to silence allied players; new emotes, team code system and Bomb Squad mode. Finally, there will be the addition of the new character Steffie, in addition to Kelly Ventania and the new item of the AWM weapon, named as Piercing Ammunition.

Despite the different and important introductions, there will also be the correction of some problems, such as the bug in the skill of the character Alok, which made him stop while using the skill, and the changes in the weapons XM8 and AN94. The first one will take more damage, fire speed and movement while aiming. However, you will lose ammo, range and accuracy. The second, on the other hand, will achieve a higher rate of fire, greater range and better stability in retreat, but will suffer reductions in damage and power of the mouth.

Free Fire: check out what's new in the February update

XM8 was one of the weapons changed in the update. (Image: Garena)

Change of maps

As expected by the community, the Purgatory map, extremely criticized for being similar to Bermuda, will be removed from the classic (casual and ranked) mode to give entry to Kalahari, which promises to be different from the previous ones. Overall, the map seeks to add more challenges in different fields involving landscapes and items, which tends to make players study and explore new areas.

Free Fire: check out what's new in the February update

Kalahari is a desert map. (Image: Garena)

Furthermore, Kalahari is a desert map and, therefore, requires players to have another type of gameplay. Each area has its own style, which may vary from point to point. Therefore, it can and should be considered a map of survival rather than frank exchange. The developer’s goal is to balance the map so that players can reach and understand the expectations of the emergence of a new location in the game.

New Shield Weapon

As previously disclosed by Garena, the shield weapon will act as a protective shield that gives a certain advantage to the player who is equipped with it. Therefore, just as the name says, the weapon has a damage softener that creates a protective shield in blue color and, if the player receives any shot from the opponent at the time he is shooting, he will suffer less damage.

In a nutshell, the Shield Weapon will cause the player to take less damage when exchanging shots. However, it is worth mentioning that the item only works while the user is aiming. So, for example, the moment you are running, the player will be unprotected.

New Bomb Squad mode

Very similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Bomb Squad mode involves the “police and thief” style, in which a team plants a bomb and its opponents defend it. Altogether there are two teams with four players each, in a very similar way to the Contra Squad mode. In this case, the winning team will win the most matches in seven rounds.

Arrival of the character Steffie

One of the main novelties of the update, the character Steffie is a professional graffiti artist who has the Abrigo de Tinta skill, with a graffiti that reduces the damage of explosives and damage of shot in the cooldown of 45 seconds. The skill in question is exclusive to Steffie and cannot be used by other characters. Specifically, the new character is exactly the opposite of Alvaro’s strength and very similar to Andrew.

Free Fire: check out what's new in the February update

Steffie will arrive with the Free Fire update. (Image: Garena)

New items and weapons in ranked matches

In the group of items and weapons that will be included in the ranked matches are: VSS Bullet Saw, which is one of the least used weapons of Free Fire and will cause the enemies affected by it to bleed, in addition to causing more damage; Kar98 Biometric Sight, another very little weapon used by the community and which will have an accessory for the exclusive use of the sniper rifle, which will identify any living thing that appears on the map; Core of the M14’s Rage, which, unlike the previous examples, is a weapon widely used by the community with the item as permission to fire more accurately, besides increasing the rate of shots fired; Ice Pistol, which allows you to create walls of ice even from a long distance, and Double Cartridge, an item that allows players to reload their weapons more quickly. It is worth mentioning that the last two will be available only on AirDrops.

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Outriders: a mix of Gears of War and Destiny for the new generation

Outriders: a mix of Gears of War and Destiny for the new generation



Outriders is a game that represents the transition between generations of video games that we are about to experience. Confirmed for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the game from the Polish studio People Can Fly carries with it several of the elements that defined the current generation, from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: it is a hybrid between shooting game and RPG, focusing on collection of equipment and character classes. It looks familiar, doesn’t it?

But despite the well-known inspirations, the title published by Square Enix has some surprises. Four years in development for the four platforms mentioned above, in addition to the PC, Outriders is the result of a long process of transition to People Can Fly, which saw the departure of the creators of its most famous games after being acquired by Epic Games and passed most of the current generation working in Fortnite, before returning to independence.

Even with a different creative team, Outriders has reflections of the studio’s DNA and brings a mix of Gears of War gameplay, with a third-person perspective, the coverage system and shooting mechanics, with the narrative structure of the games as a service (although the PCF makes a point of saying that the game does not fit into this genre).

Outriders: a mix of Gears of War and Destiny for the new generation

Outriders is a game that represents the transition between generations of video games. (Image: Square Enix)

Outriders will tell the story of an alternative future in which society depletes Earth’s resources and is forced to emigrate to another habitable planet. A bloody war marks the departure of humanity from our planet, and the traumas are still alive when the colonists arrived at their new home, Enoch.

But everything goes wrong as soon as the Outriders, the team responsible for preparing the ground for the arrival of the colonizers, step on Enoch. A mysterious energy wave called Anomaly (anomaly) devastates the colonization team, but gives it mysterious powers.

Still, you are put into cryogenic sleep and wake up 30 years later, when the rest of the colonizers were forced to descend into Enoch’s soil and chaos reigned between men and women again. In this desolate world, your mission is to hunt for the origin of the anomaly, in the hope of giving hope back to a species that preserves only remnants of the civilization that once was.

A stunning world

Outriders: a mix of Gears of War and Destiny for the new generation

The beautiful scenery of the first hours of Outriders. (Image: Square Enix)

The first thing that caught my attention during the Outriders test, conducted at the invitation of Square Enix in the United States, is the beauty of the graphics. The fact that the game is produced for the current generation should attract attention to its technical part and the version we tested, not yet finalized, really impressed. The first hours of play, which show an Enoch before the anomaly, are dazzling: the light passing through the trees and the vegetation textures show an environment that begins to show the potential of the new devices.

However, we still cannot say how the game will behave on each platform. During the test, People Can Fly avoided going into details about PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (not least because the two machines do not have detailed technical specifications), and limited itself to saying that the PC used for the tests is equipped with a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, top of the line among video cards on the market.

The level of detail and the size of the maps, coupled with the action, makes me have some doubts about how it will perform on current consoles, especially on the standard versions of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which already suffer to run some of the current games. But this is just speculation and we need to wait to see the performance of Outriders on these devices.

How it works

Much of the session – including the gameplay publicly released by Square Enix – takes place in the opening chapter of Outriders, which, according to People Can Fly, represents only a fraction of the environments that we will see in Enoch. Upon awakening from cryogenic sleep, his Outrider is launched amidst a scenario of war between groups that still preserve part of the colonizing spirit of those who left Earth, while others surrendered to madness and revolt.

Outriders: a mix of Gears of War and Destiny for the new generation

The dynamics will be divided between main and parallel missions. (Image: Square Enix)

Here the Destiny game structure begins to reveal itself, with a base on which you can buy items and chat with other characters. The dialogues are surprisingly long for a game of the genre, even with extra options that allow you to discover more about the world and the NPCs. The equipment system and even the menus are similar to the model popularized by Bungie in the current generation, with armor and weapons divided by rarity and power level.

The story’s progression dynamics, divided between main and side missions, also tries to emulate that of games as a service, but with a catch: instead of a fixed base, you will take it with you throughout your journey through Enoch, for through a customizable truck (which, unfortunately, we won’t be able to drive).

On the battlefield, Outriders best shows the results of their combination of family events. The first of them, directly transported from the times of Gears of War: Judgment, is the feeling of heaviness of the weapons and, mainly, the kick of the machine guns when it comes to lowering the finger on the trigger – something rare to see in the Destinys of life.

The second, and most important, is the use of your character’s powers. Altered by the events of Anomaly, your character develops the ability to manipulate different types of elements. This translates into four classes of play, three of which were revealed during the test: Pyromancer, a medium-distance fire trigger; Trickster, union of time and light control with teleports and long-distance strikes; and Devastator, manipulator of the ground with melee blows.

Game classes

I played with Trickster and Devastator, and it didn’t take long for my character to become practically a God among the rank and file of Outriders missions, either disintegrating bodies with the Trickster light sword, or defeating six enemies at once with the wave. of land created with a Devastator punch.

Each class will have an extensive skill tree, divided into three different subclasses, but you will not need to follow one of the branches to the letter, which indicates a powerful arsenal available to the player at the most decisive moments of the adventure.

When we move to cooperative mode, in which up to three players can join the fight, the imbalance in your favor is huge. When it came time to test the cooperative mode, our group had so many powers at their disposal that it didn’t even bother to use the little walls to hide.

But, for those interested in challenges, Outriders found a way to offer them with fifteen levels of difficulty, called World Tier, which interfere with enemy levels and the item delivery rate. The most interesting thing is that the levels can be adjusted automatically: if you defeat many opponents without dying, the level of difficulty of the game increases; if you die many times, the difficulty decreases.

At first glance, Outriders does not seem to offer any outstanding elements, but with control in hand, the experience appears to be competent and fun. In addition to the promise of an adventure that goes through several biomes and an RPG with the intention of delving deeper into dialogues than other loot shooting games, the People Can Fly game can win over players.

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