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TFT: the best compositions from the League of Legends 10.3 patch

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League of Legends (LoL) received an update last Wednesday (5) that brought changes to the auto battle Teamfight Tactics (TFT). Removing the spatulas on the merry-go-round is one of the main new features of Patch 10.3, but it is offset by a greater chance of getting it in the spoils, increasing the diversity of possible compositions (comps) and adaptation. Despite this, the game should not undergo very drastic changes, as Set two is coming to an end and Riot Games will not make any major changes. Here are some of the best combinations to use in LoL Patch 10.3.

Spiritual, Light and Mystical Link (Tier S)

Champions: Lucian, Soraka, Aatrox, Senna, Master Yi, Karma, Janna, Sion and Kindred

This composition is based on Lucian's return. Although the origin Luz and some champions received nerfs, the sniper gained adjustments that favored him. Using only three units of light and other pieces to increase his resistance, Lucian's potential damage is quite effective. Another option for hyper carry is Kindred, which manages to share this function if you can join Shadow champions to complement your team.


  • Lucian and other central pieces of the composition take time to appear in the game, don't be afraid to start with some mix that will take you to the mid game;
  • Place Karma next to Lucian and Senna in the back, so that your ability passes through Lucian;
  • Guardian Angel, Giant Slayer and Death Blade are good items for Lucian;
  • Mana items for Karma and Senna are great choices;
  • Mystics must protect your team from magic damage, but the Lunar effect can also help your team's overall damage.

Lucian in League of Legends. (Image: Riot Games)

Predator, Poison and Crystal (Tier S)

Champions: Kog'Maw, Dr. Mundo / Singed, Twitch, Skarner, Warwick / Rek'Sai, Taric and Ashe

Predators have always been very strong units at the beginning of the game, both for the effect of their characteristic and for the ease of joining three of them in the early game. However, the great difficulty is its transition to mid / late game without losing effectiveness. In that sense, the Veneno and Cristal troops are great additions. Although the forms of Taric, Singed and Ashe contain expensive troops, the difference is huge and the player has quite a variety of choices between buffs.


  • It is very easy to find three predators at the beginning. Putting Kog, Skarner and Warwick together, you can guarantee some consecutive wins. Use this to ensure good savings;
  • Once you reach Lvl 6, look for Dr. Mundo and Twitch for your composition, thus completing the Veneno troops;
  • Some troops will lose their usefulness as the game progresses. Put resistance items on Skarner, Warwick and Rek'Sai, depending on which one is still on the table;
  • Taric and Ashe will bring the Crystal effect to the team, giving even more resistance. Attack speed items for Ashe will make the team less dependent on predators;
  • Singed is a priority even if the player already has three poisons. Dr. Mundo or Kog'Maw can be replaced in favor of him.
  • Another addition option is Nocturne, which will bring the Steel effect along with Rek'Sai, which can be useful in the mid game.

Kog'Maw in League of Legends. (Image: Riot Games)

Assassin, Electric and Watchmen (Tier A)

Champions: Zed, Kha'Zix, Qiyanna, Ornn, Volibear, Malphite/Amumu/Nautilus/Thresh

The champion suggestions may have been a little confusing, but this composition has many possible combinations depending on the game. Assassins received another buff from Ornn, making the option of mounting Trams much more viable. The big key is Qiyanna's rotating element. According to his origin in the game, the player has a wide range of choices of Watchmen to combine his effects, with the strongest being the mountain with Malphite.


  • The changes in the spatula drop make this composition more viable to turn some pieces into killers. If it does, look for a G.p.C. on the carousels;
  • Ornn's buff made him rise up on the priority list among the Watchers and is quite easy to find in the beginning. Buy as much as you can and set up two Watchmen early to help with resistance;
  • Volibear also enters the composition early to help Ornn with the Electric buff;
  • Qiyanna can totally change the direction of the composition. If it comes with the Mountain effect, join it with Taliyah to receive the shield and in the future, exchange Taliyah for Malphite;
  • Other Watchers that can match Qiyanna are Thresh and / or Nautilus with the Ocean buff and Amumu with the Hell buff;
  • Zed is a high-cost unit, so surviving to level seven is necessary for that unit to enter and really make a difference with the three electric ones.

Ornn in League of Legends. (Image: Riot Games)

Blade, Cloud and Lunar Master (Tier A)

Champions: Yasuo, Sivir, Aatrox, Master Yi, Janna, Karma and Leona

This composition is very specific and a little risky, but with the buffs in Yasuo, Janna and Yi, it's a good idea to take advantage of the characteristics they carry. Yasuo and Leona should appear early in the game, and if you can get a spatula, it is a good idea to turn a piece into a Master of Blades to speed up the composition. Fortified by Lunar troops and with the Cloud effect, this junction can be lethal with the right items and still has room for more combinations.


  • This composition will become even more effective if the map element is Cloud. So, not only will some slots enhance the dodge effect, but Qiyanna will become a totally viable option for the team;
  • If the situation above happens, Qiyanna is a great candidate to be transformed into Master of the Blades;
  • Sivir is very strong with items of effect on contact. Stillness, Runnan Hurricane and Swordbreaker are great choices;
  • Position Karma close to your strongest troop. You can also take advantage of her Mystical characteristic with Janna and you will have magical resistance;
  • Master Yi will add both as a Mystic and as a Blade Master, but it has a very high cost and is slow to arrive. Don't be afraid to use another character or feature to fulfill your role and meet the needs of the specific match;
  • The Desert feature can also be incorporated into the composition.

Yasuo in League of Legends. (Image: Riot Games)

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