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Teamfight Tactics Fates Released – Check Changes



TeamFight Tactics (TFT): Fates Set 4 is now available on PBE, the League of Legends (LoL) test server. The new set is expected to be released in the patch update 10.19 for Riot Games games, on September 16. Set 4 has 58 characters, class updates, origins, gameplay changes, new arenas, small legends and the unprecedented Star Fragments system to improve them. Everything to build comps and new strategies. In addition, the Destinations Pass, obtained by Riot Points, will offer exclusive items to buyers. Next, stay on top of news about the new TeamFight Tactics set.

TeamFight Tactics: Destinations innovate in and out of the game. (Image: Riot Games)


Changes have been made to TeamFight Tactics: Galaxies. The galaxies, a system that changed the dynamics of the game, were removed. In place, “Mechanics of Destinations – Chosen” enters. A Chosen champion appears in the store at random. These characters are already two stars and cost three times more than the champion a star.

Another improvement offered will be your origin or class counting as two, making it easier to obtain bonuses. Finally, the Chosen One receives 200 health and a unique additional attribute, which can be 500 health, 35% Ability Power, 50 Attack Damage or 25% reduced Mana cost. Other “Chosen” champions only appear in the store if there is no other in their field or bank.

New experience and mechanics costs for the Chosen are new from Destinations. (Image: Teamfight Tactics)

Another change made to League of Legends’ Auto Chess is the experience cost at certain levels. From level six, costs have been increased. Now, from level six to seven, you will need four more experience points. From seven to eight, the same thing. Only from level eight to nine will eight more experience be necessary in relation to the Galaxies group. Finally, new combinations of items were added, such as the Gargolitic Plate, the Solar Fire Cape, among others.

Little Legends and Arenas

New Little Legends were included in set 4. As in other updates, the characters are presented with a specific theme. This time, it will be the dragons Ao Shin, Umbra and Choncc. All can be obtained directly from the store and cost from 750 RP to 925 RP. Dragons can be acquired through Eggs.

Ao Shin is one of the three new Little Legends. (Image: Teamfight Tactics)

The new arenas cost 1380 RP each and can be obtained by a package, with the three, worth 2900 RP. Festival, Kanmei and Akana bring the Ionian style to their board and react to the victories, defeats, combos and slaughter of three-star champions.

Star Fragments

One of the main novelties of the update will be the Star Fragments. The new tool facilitates the search for Little Legends in its larger versions. Fragments can be obtained by purchasing at the store and cost 625 RP to 5000 RP. The most expensive packages have bonuses. Another way to receive these items is by purchasing the Pass + Destinations, which will give you 300 Star Fragments at the time of purchase.

Star Fragments will be used to upgrade Little Legends. (Image: Teamfight Tactics)

To use Star Fragments just select the Little Legend you want to improve, click on its level and enable. 100 Star Fragments are needed to evolve the rare Little Legends and Little Pass + Legends from two to three stars. Epic Little Legends cost 125 fragments to get bigger. The most expensive are the legendary Little Legends, which will cost 150 Star Fragments.


In the new set there will be 13 classes available to players. Some of them are already known, like Assassin, Fighter and Vanguard. The others are: Adept, Sniper, Hunter, Duelist, Emperor, Mage, Mystic, Blinding, Patron and Shape.


  • Supporters calm the flow of the battle, reducing the Attack Speed ​​of all enemies by 50% for a few seconds at the start of the fight. Class power: (2) 3s; (3) 5s; and (4) 8s.
  • Champions: Irelia, Shen and Yone.


  • Innate: at the beginning of the combat, Assassins jump in the enemy’s rear.
  • Assassins’ abilities can cause critical strike and receive additional Critical Hit and Damage.
  • Class power: (2) 10% Critical Strike Chance and 10% Critical Damage; (4) 25% Critical Strike Chance and 25% Critical Damage; (6) 40% Critical Strike Chance and 40% Critical Damage.
  • Champions: Diana, Pyke, Akali, Katarina and Talon


  • Every 3 seconds, all Hunters attack the enemy with less Health, causing increased damage. Class power: (2) 100% additional Damage; (3) 150% additional Damage; (4) 200% additional damage; (5) 250% additional damage.
  • Champions: Aphelios, Ashe, Diana, Kindred and Warwick


  • Inborn: Duelists have more movement speed. Duelist attacks grant Attack Speed, stacking up to seven times. Class power: (2) + 10% VdA per accumulation; (4) + 20% VdA per accumulation; (6) + 40% VdA per accumulation; (8) + 100% VdA per accumulation.
  • Champions: Fiora, Jax, Kalista, Lee Sin, Xin Zhao, Yasuo.


  • Inborn: the Emperor enters battle with two additional units that can be moved separately. These spearmen conjure up skills with their general and lose Life quickly when he dies.
  • Champion: Azir


  • Fighters have increased maximum Life. Class power: (2) 400; (4) 700; (6) 900.
  • Champions: Maokai, Nunu, Sett, Sylas, Tahm Kench, Vi and Warwick


  • Mages can cast their ability twice and have modified Ability Power. (3) 70% of the total Ability Power; (6) 100% of the total Ability Power; (9) 150% of the total Ability Power.
  • Champions: Ahri, Annie, Lillia, Lulu, Nami, Twisted Fate, Veigar.


  • All allies have increased Magic Resist. Class power: (2) 40; (4) 100.
  • Champions: Cassiopeia, Janna, Yuumi and Zilean.


  • Blinding unit abilities reduce your target’s Attack Damage by 50% for a few seconds. Class power: (2) 5s; (4) 10s.
  • Champions: Cassiopeia, Ezreal, Lissandra, Lux and Morgana


  • At the start of the fight, Patrons grant a shield to themselves and close allies for 8s. This shield is 50% stronger on Patrons. Class power: (2) 125; (4) 175; (6) 250.
  • Champions: Azir, Elise, Jarvan IV, Kennen and Riven


  • Vanguards receive additional Armor. Class power: (2) 100; (4) 200; (6) 500.
  • Champions: Aatrox, Garen, Hecarim, Sejuani, Thresh, Wukong.


  • Innate: at the start of the fight, figures teleport to the enemy’s rear. With each third attack, Shapes plunge into the shadows, going into stealth, and their next basic attack deals additional magic damage. Class power: (2) 100 additional magic damage; (3) 200 additional magic damage; (4) 300 additional magic damage.
  • Champions: Evelynn, Kayn and Zed.


Riot Games brings some recurring and original origins, as well as classes. With the joining of characters, several combinations will be possible. Exiled and Ninja have already appeared in other sets, while Tormented, Twilight, Cultist, Divine, Spirit, Fortune, Illuminated, Lunar, Warmaster, The Chief and Elder have emerged for Destinations.


  • Innate: after participating in three fights, the Tormented Champion has the option to transform.
  • Champion: Kayn.


  • Twilight champions increase the Ability Power of all allies. Origin power: (2) All allies receive 20%; (4) Twilight champions receive an additional 40%; (6) 50% for everyone and 100% additional for Twilight Champions.
  • Champions: Cassiopeia, Lillia, Riven, Thresh and Vayne.


  • As soon as his team loses 50% of Life, Galio is summoned, playing against the largest group of enemies and throwing them into the air. Power of origin: (3) Galio Tirano; (6) Galio Demon Lord; (9) Galio Soberano Infernal.
  • Champions: Aatrox, Elise, Evelynn, Jhin, Kalista, Pyke, Twisted Fate and Zilean.


  • When attacking six times or running below 50% Health, Divine units ascend, reducing damage taken by 25% and causing additional True Damage for the rest of the fight. Origin power: (2) 20%; (4) 40%; (65)%; (8) 100%.
  • Champions: Irelia, Jax, Lee Sin, Lux, Warwick and Wukong.


  • The first time a Spirit casts his ability, all allies gain Attack Speed ​​based on the cast’s Mana cost. Origin power: (2) 35% of the Mana cost; (4) 90% of the mana cost.
  • Champions: Ahri, Kindred, Teemo and Yuumi.


If an Exile has no adjacent allies at the start of the fight, he receives a shield equivalent to his maximum Life. Origin power: (1) 50% life equivalent shield; (2) 100% shield equivalent to life.
Champions: Yasuo and Yone.


  • Origin power: (3) winning the fight against a player grants additional orbs. The longer you go without an orb, the bigger the prize.
  • Champions: Annie, Jinx, Katarina, Sejuani and Tahm Kench.


  • Enlightened ones generate more Mana. Origin power: (2) 50%; (4) 75%; (6) 100%
  • Champions: Fiora, Irelia, Janna, Morgana, Nami and Talon.


  • Origin Power: (3) at the start of the fight, the Lunar Champion with the fewest stars receives an extra star until the end of the fight (in case of a tie, the Champion with the most items is chosen).
  • Champions: Aphelios, Diana, Lissandra and Sylas.

War Master

  • War Masters receive additional Life and Ability Power. Each successful match they have participated in increases this bonus by 10%, stacking up to five times. Origin power: (3) 200 Life and 20 PdH; (6) 400 Life and 40 PdH; (9) 700 Life and 70 PdH.
  • Champions: Azir, Garen, Jarvan IV, Katarina, Nidalee, Vi and Xin Zhao.


  • Ninjas take additional Attack Damage and Ability Power. This effect is only activated when you have exactly one or four different Ninjas. Origin power: (1) +45 DdA and PdH; (4) +90 DdA and PdH.
  • Champions: Akali, Kennen, Shen and Zed.

The boss

  • When the Chief’s Life drops below 40% for the first time, he exits the combat and starts doing sit-ups. Each abdominal regains 15% Life and grants 20% Attack Speed. If Life is full, he will return to Motivated combat, converting his basic attacks and Skill Damage to True Damage. If all allies die, he will immediately return to combat.
  • Champion: Sett.


  • Every 2 seconds, all Elderberry Champions grow, receiving additional attributes. This effect stacks up to five times. Power from the origin: (3) 20 Armor and RM, five from DoR and PdH; (6) 35 Armor and RM, 10 DdA and PdH; (9) 60 Armor and RM, 25 DdA and PdH.
  • Champions: Ashe, Ezreal, Hecarim, Lulu, Maokai, Nunu and Veigar


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