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Take A Look At Some Must-Own, Upcoming PSVR Video Games



The captivating experience of being in the video game world is more promising with PSVR (PlayStation VR). We can interact with animated and realistic characters with a virtual reality experience (which was predicted in movies, television shows, books, and more). Our dreams are swiftly turning into video games and that leaves many of us to wonder what is next for gaming culture. There is always room for thoughtful improvement, upgrading and perfecting various features. This article includes some must-own, upcoming PSVR video games. 

The Last Video Store:

Inspired by Blockbuster, The Last Video Store is an upcoming game for the PSVR. There is currently only one Blockbuster remaining in the entire world and the nostalgic feeling, with rows of DVD and VHS tapes, is relatable awesomeness. Now, look at the trailer of The Last Video Store and the female character dramatically celebrating  in euphoria is likely something you never saw a customer do, when entering a video store. 

Developed by RareBird, The Last Video Store, you will have control over taking a night drive around the neighborhood or exploring around the video store. The survival mode includes realistic local jobs and bills you pay while managing to be a movie aficionado. Select cult videos like Mac and Me and Evil Dead, then watch them in a theater type environment. So far, we are not certain of the release date for The Last Video Store.

Cooking Simulator VR - Gameplay Preview

Cooking Simulator VR: 

Cooking Simulator VR should be releasing on July 29, 2021. It is exactly what the title of the game says, being a cooking simulator. A wonderful scenario is if you finally get this game, whether you want to go on a diet or not, does not matter. You will be faced with the outcome of staring at delectable food that will increase your hunger like food advertisements made to sell malnutrition. Maybe anybody can hop out of nowhere saying, “Is the food ready?” Hopefully, you play Cooking Simulator VR after you prepare your real meals. 

Equipped with many utensils and stands, take control of a highly polished kitchen. Unlock and master over 80 recipes or use the ingredients to your knowledge, cooking everything you desire. There are over 140 lifelike ingredients available in the pantry (like fruits and veggies, meat and fish, and dairy products and various liquids). Also, there are spices and herbs available. In virtual reality, you can become the ultimate chef, which can be excellent practice for real life cooking.

I Expect You To Die 2 - Launch Date Announcement Trailer | PS VR

I Expect You To Die 2:

The highly anticipated PSVR, I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and The Liar will be released on August 24, 2021. Take on six brand-new missions and just like the original I Expect You To Die, relive many of your favorite elements. Once again, experience memorable characters, telekinesis, immersive environments, and various ways to die. 

This video game may somewhat remind you of the macabre television series 1,000 Ways To Die (that recreated true events where many people experienced freak accidents). The television series aired on Comedy Central, from May 14, 2008 to July 15, 2012. 

Apple TV Plus Promotion: 

Are you aware that Apple and Sony have collaborated offering PS5 (PlayStation 5) owners a promotion on the Apple TV Plus streaming service? Now, new and existing subscribers can get six months of service free of charge. How can you get your promotion set up? Open the Apple TV Plus app on PS5 (and signing in with your Apple ID, if you you do not currently use Apple TV Plus). After the six months, then the normal charge rate is $4.99 per month. 

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