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Stun Grenades Have Been Removed from Call of Duty Warzone



call of duty warzone stun grenade

Much to the relief of Warzone players, the annoying stun grenades will no longer be seen in Gulag. The latest Call of Duty Warzone patch has introduced several updates to the game. As always, the update will bring about some balancing changes and throw in some new content.

One of the main updates that caught players' attention was the removal of the stun grenade. The grenade in question would disorient the opponent for a few seconds. However, on the receiving end, these precious seconds were crucial if you were in the midst of an intense fight. As you can imagine, these grenades have caused squads to argue and break up.

Very often, stun grenades were the reason why players won't make it alive out of Gulag. There were a few ways of countering these obnoxious grenades. But they were not enough to tackle the stun situation every time. To balance this out, the devs decided to get rid of the throwable item once and for all.

They have replaced the stun grenade with other throw-able items like thermites, gas grenades, syringes, and more. These new goodies can effectively distract the enemies without being a pain in the neck like the stun grenades. Now, players would need to think of something else to blame for their defeat.

Along with this, the latest patch notes have introduced nerfs to the PPSh-41. However, the Neck Damage Multiplier of PPSh-41 has been increased to 1.3 to balance the weapon. Several glitches, including the collision issue in Caldera and the freezing bug at the start of the match.

The new Call of Duty Warzone patch has also introduced new contract distribution to the existing game modes. They have introduced Vanguard Plunder Quads, BR Solos, Duos, and Trios to the gameplay.

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