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Stray Is Delayed Until 2022 and The Gameplay Is Released

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In the third-person, action-adventure game, Stray, (originally known as HK_Project) the playable, stray, cyberpunk, feline protagonist, is in a neon-lit city populated by ambitious robots. Some of us remember panicking overtime when our pet ran away, but they can be intelligent enough to find their way back home, unscathed. This game will be on the following platforms: PS4 (Playstation 4), PS5 (Playstation 5), and Microsoft Windows.

Stray was first announced at PlayStation’s Future of Gaming event, back in June 11, 2020, where we expected it to be released this year. Well, oops to that, because Stray now has a new release window of early 2022. That just gives the developers time to add any additional features to the game, as well as tease us more with marketing strategies.

Stray Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer


About Stray:

If you have not seen the Stray trailer yet, take a look. In a cyberpunk city where humans are no longer needed to work regular jobs, robots take over, which can be a horrifying subject to think about. Just the thought of that can causing an uncensored amount of relatable emotions, but since you will be the the lovable cat in the game, nuzzle robots, and scratch up furniture. Converse with with other robotic inhabitants in the futuristic city and interact with certain objects in the environment (like vending machines). You, the somewhat playful cat, is responsible for navigating around the environment and solving puzzles. Along your way, you will meet a drone (called B-12). 

Koola and Viv (Co-founders of the France-based BlueTwelve Studio) are both former employees at Ubisoft. A fun fact is Stray was heavily influenced by Kowloon Walled City and the gameplay was specifically inspired by the founder’s cats (Murtaugh and Riggs). 

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