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Steam’s Next Fest Launches With Hundreds of Free Demos



If you are unfamiliar with Steam's Next Fest, here is a quick rundown. Twice a year Steam launches their Next Fest event where gamers around the globe have free access to upcoming games. The amazing part is it's beneficial for both parties. Players get to test out a whole pile of new games, one's they might look forward to in the future. Also, developers get to build an audience and receive feedback on their upcoming titles.

Steam Next Fest opened on February 21 and will close on Monday, February 28th. That gives you seven days to download and try out as many new games as you wish. I know you're probably already really excited, but I haven't even told you the best news of all. February's Next Fest went above and beyond and has a total of 628 free demos.


Titles to Check Out

This list is compiled of the top five games I will be testing out throughout the week. All of these games have a lot to offer and are sure to set you in the right direction for Next Fest.

  • Crowz is a new battle royale where players work as mercenaries known as CROW. As a squad, you must work together to complete missions or have major battles between factions.
  • Porcelain Mask is an atmospheric platformer. The game focuses on delivering action through puzzle-solving, except the puzzles are also trying to kill you.
  • IXION is a strategy game that set's you on a journey through space to find a new home for humanity, however with a lot more responsibilities than you might think.
  • Little Orpheus is a platformer that is stunningly crafted and holds a gripping story. This game has already a lot of anticipation around it and I highly recommend it.
  • The Flow Experience is a top-down game that combines arcade-style action with rhythmic interactions.

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