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Steam Releases This Year’s Sales Calendar Running up to July

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Valve has shared the dates for all steam sales this year through July 2022. The plan indicates that the Next Fest sale will start in February from 21st to the 28th. The week-long sale will display the progress of upcoming games that Steam will release.

Gamers are enjoying the Lunar sales event, which started on the 27th of January, and will end on the 3rd of February, 2022. The released calendar has two Next Fest events slated before July. The significant summer sale will begin towards the end of June and July.

To add to that, the planner hosts more minor sales through to July’s sales. All the minor sales have well-defined themes. Here is the entire calendar as released by Valve;

  • Next Fest: February 21-28
  • Remote Play Together: February 28-March 7
  • SimFest – Hobby Edition: March 28-April 4
  • Die-a-lot: May 2-9
  • Racing: May 23-30
  • Next Fest: June 2022
  • Summer Sale: June 23-July 7
  • Survival: July 18-25

The Next Fest allows gamers to play several demo games for free from the schedule. Similarly, the gamers get to watch their developers in action. From this, all gamers experience what games to grab once they are released.

However, the Summer Sale carries the highest glamor and excitement. This is the most incredible sale in the planner, which gives gamers the highest discounts of all time. Summer will bring better deals for relatively new games.

Previously, the winter and autumn sales have been carrying a mega thrift, too, due to their discount rates. However, their sales can never hit all-time lows offered in Summer sales. Here, you get the best discount rates for newly released games. So, if you enjoy the rush of experiencing it first hand, this is your sale.

Now, mark your calendars for the 21st of February. Then use this chance to test out the games that bring out your excitement levels. Then add them to your wish-list. This way, you will track when the game is released for sale while also getting your desired discount checked.

So, which games are you most looking to buy during this sales? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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