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Sony Snatches Fate/Grand Order Studio In Another Big Acquisition



Fate/Grand Order, the free-to-play Japanese mobile RPG (role-playing game), was developed by the 2014 founded Delightworks (using the Unity) and published by Aniplex, is a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Strictly based on Type-Moon’s Fate/stay night franchise, Fate/Grand Order, released in 2015, is presented in a visual novel format. 

Delightworks has been purchased by Sony’s music label, Aniplex, first announced on to Anime News Network and a part of the new acquisition, the division should be rebranded into a new company. So far, the company name remains unclear.


Yoshinori Ono (President and CEO) said, “We are confident that the completion of this transaction will give us more opportunities to take on the challenge of creating new games in the future, and will bring us unprecedented excitement and excitement.”

What Does This Mean? 

Will Sony ruin a cash cow? Fate/Grand Order’s development team should stay the same, even though they transferred to a new company. Worrying about the development team for Fate/Grand Order can interfere with your life. 

What Good Good About Fate/Grand Order? 

There is no PvP (player versus player), people competing for MVP (most valuable player), or pressure to constantly upgrade your characters.


What Is Wrong With Fate/Grand Order?:

Fate/Grand Order has loading periods, which can take longer than the Dragon Ball series released Kamehameha (Goku’s signature move and the first energy attack used in the Dragon Ball series). Waiting for the loading screen to be complete is like premeditated murder on my senses or torturing myself not to eat in the morning, just to eat at someone else’s house. 

The combat action allows everyone you attack, to last 3 hits or less. A few enemies that can withstand 10 hits, would would be a slight improvement. In addition, the battles usually take approximately 2 minutes. You can spare 2 minutes of your time to courageously defend yourself.

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