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5 najlepších hier Sandbox na Xbox Game Pass (máj 2024)

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Sandbox games, as their name implies, allow players to control many aspects of the world around them. This, in turn, allows these titles to be incredibly freeing to play and enjoy. These games range in their genre, as well as tone, and many other factors. However, what binds all of these titles together is an unbridled sense of freedom. So, if you are someone who values the freedom of setting your own goals, or simply having the power to do whatever you wish, enjoy our list of the 5 najlepších hier Sandbox na Xbox Game Pass

5. Little Kitty, Big City

Little Kitty, Big City – vychádza 9. mája!

We are highlighting Mačiatko, Veľké mesto, for our first entry. The game features cozy gameplay that has players exploring a small city as a cat. In doing so, players are able to go and come as they please, giving players great freedom in order to make their way through the game. Along the way, they will meet an assortment of characters, undertake quests, and more. Giving the player the ability to tackle the game at their own pace also makes it great for players who want a more laid-back experience overall.

In addition to this, the game's art style and direction lend itself well to the cute and cuddly aesthetic of the game. Along the way, players are able to collect a number of cosmetic items as well, which also gives the more completionist-minded player something to look forward to as well. If you are a fan of open-world titles and looking for something adorable to enjoy, then give Little Kitty, veľké mesto a try. All around, it is one of the best sandbox games available on Xbox Game Pass.

4. Common'hood

Common'hood Game Pass Trailer

Our next entry is quite different from our previous entry, showing the variety present within sandbox titles. Here, we have Common'hood. This game allows players not only to create and manage their own communities and ecosystems but also do so in a way that feels unique to the players themselves. Players can farm, craft, and much more, all the while aiding settlers that come to live amongst them. This not only does a fantastic job of giving each of the player's actions weight, but these characters are also fun to interact with in their own right.

For fans of automation in games, you are able to automate many of the processes you will find yourselves undertaking. This allows players to have as much or as little control over the world around them as they wish. The game's narrative depth is also a highlight, giving a sense of gravitas to the player's actions and the world as a whole. In addition to this, the game's building mechanics are top-notch as well. All in all, Common'hood je jednou z najlepších hier sandbox dostupných na Xbox Game Pass.

3. Uzemnený

Uzemnený - Full Release Trailer

Our next entry is one that survival sandbox fans will undoubtedly be familiar with. Here, we have Uzemnenej. This game not only features some of the best survival mechanics on this list. But it also features a level of challenge that manages to make each of the player's actions feel rewarding and have much weight to them. Players are thrust into a challenging and unforgiving world after being shrunk down to size, quite literally. After which, they must contend with various creatures around the game's world. In order to aid them in their survival, the game has a wonderful crafting system to utilize.

This gives the game both a sense of progression as well as a sense of freedom. The enemy variety in the game is also fantastic, with each of the game's enemies having their own distinct mechanics to learn and take e advantage of. The cartoonish visual style of the game also lends itself well to its world as well. The colorful, vibrant color palette makes for an eye-popping experience while retaining its sandbox sense of openness and challenging survival elements. In short, Uzemnenej is one of the best sandbox games currently available on Xbox Game Pass.

2. Palworld

Palworld | Upútavka na spustenie ukážky hry

The next entry on our list is one that took the gaming world by storm upon its release into Early Access. Here, we have Svet kamarátov. This game takes the familiar mechanics of creature-collecting games and blends in wonderfully with the fast and frantic nature of third-person shooting games. Players are able to not only explore wherever they wish within Svet kamarátov but also take on challenges at their own pace. Regardless if you wish to take your time with the game or jump straight into its more challenging content, the choice is yours.

Players are able to tackle dungeons as they see fit, as well as team up with one another to complete massive raids. These raids each come with their own mechanics as well. In addition to this, the game has a familiar cozy nature to it due to the art style and general design of the game. Players can set up camp in a number of locations and increase the power of their Pals by training them alongside one another. To close, if you are looking for one of the best sandbox games on Xbox Game Pass, určite daj Svet kamarátov skúsiť.

1. Farworld Pioneers

Farworld Pioneers - Launch Trailer

Pre posledný záznam na našom dnešnom zozname tu máme Priekopníci Ďalekého sveta. This game allows players to not only accomplish their goals within PvE, but also in PvP. Priekopníci Ďalekého sveta is a game that manages to blend cooperative play with a thrilling sci-fi world. Along the way, players will have to build their own ships and make their own means of survival. The variety of the different worlds in the game is also a highlight, as well as the bosses the game features. These bosses offer players a relatively difficult level of challenge and an equally compelling reward for their efforts.

Players can recruit many NPCs to their cause as well. This is where the game's base-building mechanics come into play. In doing so, players will be able to gather resources from the worlds around them and much more. This open-ended nature allows players to tackle their goals in a number of ways as well, which is fantastic for players who enjoy freedom of choice in their games. So, if you are searching for one of the best sandbox games Xbox Game Pass has to offer, then give Priekopníci Ďalekého sveta ísť.


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