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5 najlepších nezávislých hier na PlayStation Plus (máj 2024)

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With May coming to a close, now is a great time to look back on fantastic indie games on PlayStation Plus. These games are a testament not only to the quality and care put into their development. But it is also a testament to the immense variety within the gaming space. Each of these games manages to shine in its own way. There are a few core tenets that bind them all together. To highlight some of the best that PlayStation Plus ponúka, užite si naše výbery pre 5 najlepších nezávislých hier na PlayStation Plus.

5. Spevy Sennaar

Chants of Sennaar - Launch Trailer

We are starting off today's list strong with a puzzle title that is sure to stick with you. Here, we have Spevy zo Sennaaru. This game not only features a strong premise, but it is based on the Tower of Babel myth. But it also features some fantastic mechanics that make it stand out. Throughout your time with the game, you are greeted by a strikingly beautiful art style. One which is only aided by the beauty of the environmental design around you. Here, you will slowly explore the world around you and learn the language of the people around you.

Slowly uncovering the key to communication with the people around you feels rewarding. Not only as you progress further in the game, but it also allows you to see past events in the game with new eyes. As players make their way through the game, they will encounter more characters, a variety of situations, and long-lost civilizations. Each of which has its history sprawled across the various architecture. If you are looking for an engaging, story-based experience, then check out Spevy zo Sennaaru, jedna z najlepších nezávislých hier PlayStation Plus.

4. Cat Quest II

Cat Quest II - Oficiálny trailer

S naším ďalším vstupom sa posúvame rovno. Tu máme Quest pre mačky iiQuest pre mačky ii not only manages to build upon the framework laid down by its predecessor Cat Quest, but brings with it a wholly unique experience. Taking place within a sprawling open world, this game allows players to explore to their heart's content. In addition to this, the game is full of quirky, memorable characters to meet along the way. Some of the activities that players can come to expect from this title are dungeon diving and exploration.

As players make their way along their journey, they will come across multiple opponents that will require the player to think on their toes. This combat depth is one of the game's strongest aspects, along with its quirky charm. The game's real-time combat system allows players to make changes on the fly that will greatly affect the outcome of their battles. If you are looking for a fantastic feline adventure set in a beautifully crafted world, check out Cat Quest II, jedna z najlepších nezávislých hier PlayStation Plus.

3. Potápač Dave

Dave the Diver - Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Our next entry is one that received an outpouring of support immediately upon its release. Here, we have  Dave potápač. This game not only brings with it the charm and laidback nature of a farming/life sim but also brings that feeling into the world of management sims. The pixelated depths of the game never grow old, as players are constantly discovering new things along the way. The game does feature combat. However, the combat is presented in a more laid-back fashion than most players would be accustomed to.

This makes it great for players who are less well-versed in the RPG genre or simply wish to relax and unwind. As the player makes their way through the game, they will soon discover and interact with a lovable cast of characters. Each of these characters feels as much a part of the journey as the player's actions and choices. This is wonderful, as it allows the player to immerse themselves within the game's world, leading to a more memorable experience overall. In short, Dave potápač je jednou z najlepších indie hier PlayStation Plus.

2. Studňa pre zvieratá

ANIMAL WELL - Launch Trailer

For the next entry on our list, we have the most recently released title we have for you today. Here, we have Zvieracia studňa. Pre fanúšikov metroidvania genre, this title is a must-play. There has been an outpouring of love for this title, and for a good reason. The game not only implements puzzle and platforming mechanics in a way that feels fresh, while reaching back to titles of the past. But it also manages to do so while retaining its own identity. One of the best aspects of the game that players can immediately latch onto is its atmosphere.

The atmosphere in this game is heavy, which is only aided by its stellar sense of presentation and soundtrack. Added to this, the game's nonlinear nature ensures that players are able to set their own goals and tackle them in any way they wish. This is magnificent, as it places the ability to shape your adventure solely in the hands of the players themselves. All around, if you are interested in one of the best indie games on PlayStation Plus, make sure not to overlook Zvieracia studňa.

1. Tales of Kenzera: Zau

Tales of Kenzera: ZAU - Launch Trailer | PS5 Games

We have reached the final entry on our list today. Here, we have Tales of Kenzera: Zau. This title serves not only as a beautiful love letter from a son to his father. But it is also an extremely rewarding and competent game in its own right. The game manages to do what it sets out to do beautifully. That is, namely, to bring the player an unforgettable single-player experience. It manages to do this not only through its immense sense of quality and talent but also through the story it weaves throughout.

The game features platforming mechanics and allows players to manipulate time through in-game abilities. This not only gives the game a sense of challenge but also a sense of respite for newcomers. The depth of the game's world, as well as its characters, are also aspects that cannot be overstated. The world and the characters that fill it each feel in their own way, alive. So, if you are looking for a stellar narrative-driven indie game experience, check out Tales of Kenzera: Zau, jedna z najlepších nezávislých hier PlayStation Plus.

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