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Renting Video Games in 2021: Is It Worth It?



Strip away the glossy cellophane, velvet-like manual and plastic box for a moment, and what are you left with? That’s right — just the disc. And as much as it is aesthetically pleasing to hold such contents on day one of a big release, we do have to question the ramped up price tags of the more extravagant video games every now and then. Sure, they look great on your shelf all year round, and the bolt-on figurine is definitely a talking point for when visitors stop by every once in a while. But having said that, can we really justify spending hundreds of dollars for every time a new release hits the market — only to watch it gather dust two weeks later?

There’s no doubt about it. Owning a video game outright will always be the preferred choice when lumped with the alternative of renting them. But then, for those who prefer the void in the display cabinet, and are on tighter budgets with no real leeway to boot — something as trivial as renting soon becomes the godsend we all love and crave. And that’s okay!

Are video game rentals really all they’re cracked up to be?

Just take it from me…

As someone who has poured a considerable amount of money into rentals over the past two years, it only makes sense that I should go on to spin the web and catch a few flies. But this isn’t the time nor the place to sway you to the checkout of a rental platform. This is just my two cents on video game rentals — for whatever that’s worth. And hey, perhaps this might just trigger the intrigue in your brain and course you to do your own digging. Either way, rentals are here to stay, and you can take it from one gamer to another — they’re really not all that bad.

Scan the web and you’ll likely discover some pretty cheap subscription plans that offer a generous amount of releases to play. With prices that drop to as little as $9.99 a month, you could say there’s nothing to even think twice about. Of course, as with any rental — it won’t be yours to keep, though it will fill an empty space for however long you please. And, let’s face it — in a time like 2021 where video games are climbing to the triple figures domain, is owning a video game really all that worth it? Just a thought.

Granted, your shelves won’t look as flashy as some.

So, should you rent video games in 2021?

While renting video games may be frowned upon by some die-hard gamers and collectors of the community, there also isn’t any major downsides to consider, either. Rental plans can offer the flexibility you need to stay afloat, and also leave you with a bit more cash in your pocket for the long run. And for these reasons alone — it’s safe to say that renting video games in 2021 most definitely has its advantages. Heck, even if it does mean losing those 7″ figurines. But that’s a decision for you to make, of course.

Bottom line is — nobody wants to part ways with a video game. With that said, not everybody feels content with forking out hundreds of dollars, either. And so, depending on your situation — both keeping and renting video games are perfectly acceptable, and neither disrupts the actual gaming experience as a whole. But with all of that in mind, when we really look at it — what is a bit of cellophane worth to you? Makes you think, doesn’t it?


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