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Moonlit fantasy cityscape from SHALLAH game universe

Hajime Tabata is known for his incredible work at Square Enix, where he helped create games like Final Fantasy XV that many people loved. His games are famous for their exciting stories and new ideas. Now, he leads his own company called JP Games, and they are working on a new game called SHALLAH. JP Games is teaming up with a company called Quantum Solutions, which is really good at making AI and hardware. But you might be wondering what the game will actually be like. Also, how will it use these technologies to tell its story? Here's everything we know so far about SHALLAH, a game that's looking to push the boundaries of what RPGs can be.

What is SHALLAH?

SHALLAH is an upcoming enigma wrapped in the allure of digital storytelling and innovative gameplay, set to carve a new path in the role-playing game (RPG) genre. It’s a title that whispers promises of grand adventures, deep narratives, and a fusion of elements that have rarely been intertwined so ambitively.

With stories inspired by the classic tales of One Thousand and One Nights, the game promises to take players on an adventure full of mystery. Everyone's excited to see what kind of world SHALLAH will introduce, as it aims to be a game where every choice and character has its own story.

The people making the game have big plans for it. They've said it's going to be a “cutting-edge RPG for adults,” with lots of magic battles and a deep story about a human and a goddess falling in love. So, the game wants to tell a story that makes players think and feel something special. They've mentioned, “SHALLAH is a new RPG project that depicts a fierce battle between magic and magic and a love story between a man and a goddess, which takes place in a magnificent world that incorporates the story of the Thousand and One Nights.”


As mentioned above, SHALLAH draws inspiration from the captivating tales of the Thousand and One Nights, promising a rich tapestry of love and magic. The story, centered around the unlikely love between a human and a goddess, is set against the backdrop of this game. So, this intriguing premise hints at a narrative full of adventure, romance, and conflict.

Despite the game's announcement, details about the storyline remain sparse. The developers have released just enough information to tantalize the imagination, leaving much of the narrative shrouded in mystery. What secrets does this world hold? What adventures await? For now, these questions remain unanswered!


The announcement of SHALLAH has sparked a lot of curiosity, especially since we've only seen one artwork from the game so far. While we haven't seen the game in action yet, the developers have shared some exciting details about what players can look forward to. The game is shaping up to be an RPG that takes us on an adventure filled with magic battles and a touching story of love between a man and a goddess.

The gameplay in SHALLAH will blend thrilling magical fights with a deep, emotional story. It might take players to a world where every decision you make not only shapes the outcome of battles but also weaves your path through an epic love story. But what's really exciting is the game's use of AI and quantum computing, which means this game will bring something new to how we play. Also, Mark Pink from Quantum Solutions has mentioned that this technology will make the game's characters react to what's happening in real-time and even pick up on the player's emotions.

He stated, “AI and quantum computing are highly compatible with games, and will be able to change character behavior in real time and provide players with more challenging gameplay. Also, AI will be able to recognize the player's emotions, Providing reactions suitable for gameplay will enable a more immersive experience. AI x quantum computing will revolutionize game development.Being able to jointly develop SHALLAH with JP GAMES I'm very excited about it.”


SHALLAH is being developed by a team at JP Games, led by Hajime Tabata. He has a history of working on big games like those in the Final Fantasy series. He started JP Games to make new kinds of games that go beyond what we usually expect from RPGs. For upcoming game, JP Games is working together with Quantum Solutions, a company that knows a lot about AI and technology.

The game is being developed with something called the Pegasus World Kit. This is a special tool that uses Unreal Engine, which is a way to make games look and feel real. The Pegasus World Kit helps developers create big, detailed worlds with ease where players can go on adventures, meet characters, and experience stories. You can find more information about the Pegasus World Kit here.

And Quantum Solutions, the company working with JP Games, owns the rights to SHALLAH and is helping make the game even better with its AI technology. With the help of AI, it will offer players a more engaging and real experience. They aim to create a game where the world feels alive and reacts to what players do, thanks to the smart use of technology from both JP Games and Quantum Solutions.


The developers have not shared a trailer for SHALLAH yet. We will embed the trailer here as soon as it becomes available.

Release Date, Platforms, and Editions

Details on SHALLAH's release date, platforms, and editions are still under wraps. With industry veterans JP Games and Quantum Solutions at the helm, expectations are high for a broad platform release that could include consoles and PCs. Stay tuned for more information!

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