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Shadow Announces the Arrival of Next-Generation Offers to the U.S.

Shadow Announces the Arrival of Next-Generation Offers to the U.S.



Shadow Announces the Arrival of Next-Generation Offers to the U.S.

Shadow, the first supercharged gaming PC in the cloud, announced it will begin to make available its next-generation offers – Shadow Ultra and Shadow Infinite – in the U.S. This release makes high-end gaming accessible to all thanks to superior graphics with Ray-Tracing technology, high-speed processing, and includes up to 1TB of storage.

Shadow’s agnostic Windows 10 platform makes it possible to play any PC game, including newly released titles, or run any software, from virtually any device –computer, laptop, smartphone, TV, and more. Its new offers take the gaming experience to the next level, and combines state-of-the-art Ray-Tracing technology with the power of GeForce RTX 2080 and TITAN RTX graphics cards – components that alone would cost gamers the price of an entire PC.

Its current available offer, Shadow Boost, which allows to play any game on any device with zero visible latency for only $11.99 per month, is now joined by two revolutionary offers:

  • Shadow Ultra – starting at $24.99 per month, gamers are offered the possibility to play with superior graphic performances in 4K, up to 144 FPS in Full HD with ray tracing compatibility. This offer provides the power of a GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card, but also the power of a better processor, more RAM and more storage.

  • Shadow Infinite – starting at $39.99 per month, Infinite grants the most demanding gamers, streamers and creators direct access to the “best available” on the market: a dream computer including ray tracing combined with the top graphics card at the moment (TITAN RTX), and 1TB of storage. With this dream line-up, users will be able to play all the latest games in 4K.

Shadow Announces the Arrival of Next-Generation Offers to the U.S.

A true testament of technological ingenuity, this first-of-its-kind experience offers gamers the ability to access the raw and unthrottled power of a TITAN RTX graphics card on a budget PC or even an iPhone.

Shadow plans to roll out the release by region, and in limited quantities, to ensure quality of service. It will begin with Shadow’s Chicago-based data center at the end of November and make available the new offers in the company’s three other regional data centers – located in Texas, California and New York – the following months.

The initial limited batch will be made exclusively* available to its current user-base, who worked hand-in-hand with Shadow to develop the new offerings.

As previously announced, Shadow still plans to deliver more of these new offers to the European market in 2021.

Giving freedom back to the players at the perfect time

The release of Shadow Ultra and Shadow Infinite comes at an opportune time. With the advent of resource intensive games specially made for next-generation hardware, gamers will have no choice but to upgrade yet again to a new, compatible PC or console. Shadow breaks the vicious cycle of upgrades and liberates gamers with a supercharged machine at the fraction of the cost.

Shadow’s mission is to make gaming accessible to all. The latest game releases should no longer be reserved to the privileged. Everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their gaming dreams, regardless where they come from. Shadow evens the playing field, and gives the power back to players, so that only skills matter.

“Shadow Ultra and Shadow Infinite are a first-of-its-kind and completely change the gaming experience,” says Mike Fischer, CEO of Shadow. “We’re thrilled to release these new powerful offers that will forever change the trajectory of gaming as we know it.”

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