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Season X of League Of Legends Introduces Sett

Season X of League Of Legends Introduces Sett



Sett, new LoL champion

This Friday, season X of League Of Legends is finally coming out. With it, we will get an interesting new tanky champ that goes by the name Sett, the Boss. Let’s see what he can do.

It seems that Aphelios just came out yesterday, but Riot is not slowing down. Sett will be playable immediately after you download season 10 patch. Compared to the Aphelios, he is not as complex character to play, but he does introduce some new mechanics into LoL.

Sett’s Various Abilities

Passive: Pit Grit

Pit Grit consists of 2 abilities: Heavy Hands and Heart of the Half-Beast. Heavy Hands makes Sett alternate his punches, with a right hand having a couple of bonuses like bigger range, faster attack speed, and improved attack damage. You gotta be fast with your right hand though, as the cycle will reset if you don’t use it within 2 seconds. Heart of the Half-Beast gives Sett bonus health regeneration, which gets stronger as his HP drops, similar to Garen.

Q: Knuckle Down

This one does a number of things. It gives Sett +30% movement speed when walking towards enemy, resets Heavy Hands timer, and gives bonus damage to next 2 basic attacks.

W: Haymaker

Haymaker gives Sett a passive that turns damage taken into Grit (up to 50% of max health).  After the initial 4 seconds, Grit will start decaying by 30%. When Sett uses Haymaker, he will get a decaying shield that’s equal to the Grit stored. Furthermore, he will deal true damage to the enemies in front of him.

Sett's Haymaker

Haymaker will deal the most damage to the enemies who are in the middle

E: Facebreaker

Facebreaker works similar to Thresh’s lantern attack by pulling enemies in front and back towards him. If Sett manages to grab enemies on both sides, they will be stunned. Otherwise, he will just slow them down and deal small damage.

R: The Show Stopper

Sett’s ultimate will suppress enemy champion while he leaps forward and slams him into the ground. This is an animation that cannot be stopped. All enemies that are in the area will receive damage based on the HP of locked champion and be 99% slowed for the duration of 1.5 seconds.

Season X of LoL: Sett's ultimate

The Show Stopper features a slick animation

Gameplay Tips

Although he isn’t officially out yet, we have played with Sett and would like to offer some ideas on how to handle him. The first thing you will notice is that he isn’t particularly fast. His Knuckle Down ability is useful for engaging in fights, but Sett doesn’t really have disengaging abilities. However, he makes up for this with his strength and durability, making him an ideal pick if you are looking for tanky support or top. Thanks to the passive, he is at his most dangerous with low HP. Combine it with Haymaker to get a big shield, and you have a devastating combo. Sett is pretty OP at the moment, just look at this video.

Sett has the luxury of fighting inside minion waves, as his Facebreaker will then be used to its full potential. When using ultimate, you will want to pick the enemy with most HP and slam him onto other enemies. True, the Show Stopper is a bit risky, but if you time it right with Haymaker and Facebreaker, it is absolutely deadly.

Idea For Build

Regarding items, you will want something that shields you and does good damage simultaneously. Trinity Force is a good first item for Sett, and you can follow it with the Black Cleaver and Sterak’s Gage. Additionally, Titanic Hydra will help you replenish your lost HP fast.

If you are playing as a support and need more defensive items, Thornmail and Gargoyle Stoneplate are both good options. Guardian Angel is a good finish to both builds, as it will prevent you from dying after using your ultimate.

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When he is not climbing ranks in League of Legends or battling the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3, Marko writes about everything gaming related. He lives in Zagreb and is an ambitious Netflix addict.


Broomstick League Mixes Quidditch with Rocket League

Broomstick League Mixes Quidditch with Rocket League



Broomstick League Mixes Quidditch with Rocket League

Fans of the Harry Potter series can rejoice with the release of the new magical game, Broomstick League. It’s a competitive 3v3 multiplayer sports game akin to Rocket League with a healthy coating of Harry Potter. Players will be soaring across the arena on broomsticks with the objective of scoring a ball into the opposing team’s goal.

Players will be equipped with an arsenal of spells to give them the advantage in the arena. Such as a blasting spell to help take possession of the ball from their opponent and a blink spell to maneuver around and teleport in an instant and create more goal-scoring opportunities. Players must hone their broom flying skills to give them aerial supremacy, divebombing pass the defenders and scoring a goal which results in a grand explosion sending all player pinwheeling across the arena.


Broomstick League will also give players the ability to customize their witch or wizard to their liking. With a deep pool of customization options, players can personalize their character’s looks as well as a variety of broomsticks and wands to unlock. A myriad of taunts and dances will be available to rattle all of the opponents or to celebrate with your teammates.  The arenas will be brimming with magical creatures where players will have to battle it out with giant trolls in the background or score on the back of a flying dragon.

Players can compete in three different modes: 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 matches. Broomstick League implements a player progression and stat tracking system where players can track their progress on the leaderboard as well as player leveling system as they grow and gain experience in the league.

Broomstick League will be released on Steam Early Access on March 5th but was free from Feb 21 to Feb 24 as an open beta. It is expected to be in Early Access for approximately 9 months to a year before a full release.

Developer Virtual Basement addressed their aims for the Broomstick League‘s Early Access period. “We’ll be using the Early Access period to rapidly update the game with new content, bug fixes, and stability improvements so that we are fully prepared for our full launch in the future,” it said in the Early Access FAQ. “We already have a significant list of planned content, but our number one source of new ideas will be the community.”



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Intriguing New Multiplayer Steam Games

Intriguing New Multiplayer Steam Games



New multiplayer Steam Games

New multiplayer Steam games are coming out so fast, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with them. That’s too bad because if you don’t pay attention, you and your friends might miss out on gems like these.

Broomstick League

If Rocket League and Harry Potter had a child, its name would be Broomstick League. Borrowing heavily from Quidditch, you will be using various spells to manipulate the fleeting ball and gain victory in a 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 scenario. Broomstick League can be played for free as it’s in open beta till the beginning of March.

Quantum League

Here we have a self-described time-paradox shooter. Wait, what? In Quantum League, you will play along with your past and future self, in intense 1v1 or 2v2 matches that take place in an arena. Each round, the game will record your movement, which your past version will take in the next round aka loop. Your goal is to capture the middle objective before the 3rd loop is over, or else the game goes into overtime. The players who manage to do this 3 times win the game. However, with clones involved, the whole thing gets complicated rather quickly. Quantum Leagues’ free open beta has just started, so we have yet to see if it will reach its full potential.

Quantum League artwork

A good tactic is key in order to coordinate with your past and future self


Next on our list of new multiplayer Steam games is a promising FPS Blackwake. It throws us in a naval setting, where we will need to rely heavily upon our pirate comrades in order to sink or board enemy ships and gain victory. With up to 54 players in each game, the battles are getting chaotic really fast. There’s nothing quite like an adrenaline rush you get as you see cannonballs descending slowly upon your wrecked ship. New Multiplayer Steam Games: BlackwakeIntense pirate battles are the name of the game (PC Gamer)

Robot Champions

In Robot Champions, you are confined in a small arena where your aim is to completely destroy all 5 of your robotic nemesis. Although the concept of this game isn’t exactly groundbreaking it sounds incredibly fun. Prospect Games also promised they won’t ignore the singleplayer mode, for which they plan numerous features and engaging story mode. Each one of your robotic cuties will be able to receive numerous upgrades that will affect their speed and various stats. Currently, the release date is still unknown, but the game should be out sometime in 2020.

Robot Champions gameplay

Prepare for hours of fun as you sumo-flip your nemesis into the air (Steam)

Thirsty for more? Take a look at our list of interesting new indie games on Steam.

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Free Fire: check out what’s new in the February update

Free Fire: check out what's new in the February update



After being postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Free Fire update should take place between February 25th and 26th, with great expectations from the community for impactful changes. In this case, among the main novelties is the exchange of maps, which will occur with the removal of Purgatory and the inclusion of Kalahari. The justification given by Garena to carry out the exchange is the community’s desire to have a map capable of yielding more action, in addition to Purgatory being considered very similar to Bermuda, the first map launched by the developer.

Free Fire: check out what's new in the February update

Kalahari is the new map that will be introduced in Free Fire. (Image: Garena)

In addition, the update will also include numerous additions such as new items in ranked matches, the arrival of the Shield Weapon, a new weapon different from the traditional one; the introduction of a new item called an inhaler; the new functionality that will make it possible to silence allied players; new emotes, team code system and Bomb Squad mode. Finally, there will be the addition of the new character Steffie, in addition to Kelly Ventania and the new item of the AWM weapon, named as Piercing Ammunition.

Despite the different and important introductions, there will also be the correction of some problems, such as the bug in the skill of the character Alok, which made him stop while using the skill, and the changes in the weapons XM8 and AN94. The first one will take more damage, fire speed and movement while aiming. However, you will lose ammo, range and accuracy. The second, on the other hand, will achieve a higher rate of fire, greater range and better stability in retreat, but will suffer reductions in damage and power of the mouth.

Free Fire: check out what's new in the February update

XM8 was one of the weapons changed in the update. (Image: Garena)

Change of maps

As expected by the community, the Purgatory map, extremely criticized for being similar to Bermuda, will be removed from the classic (casual and ranked) mode to give entry to Kalahari, which promises to be different from the previous ones. Overall, the map seeks to add more challenges in different fields involving landscapes and items, which tends to make players study and explore new areas.

Free Fire: check out what's new in the February update

Kalahari is a desert map. (Image: Garena)

Furthermore, Kalahari is a desert map and, therefore, requires players to have another type of gameplay. Each area has its own style, which may vary from point to point. Therefore, it can and should be considered a map of survival rather than frank exchange. The developer’s goal is to balance the map so that players can reach and understand the expectations of the emergence of a new location in the game.

New Shield Weapon

As previously disclosed by Garena, the shield weapon will act as a protective shield that gives a certain advantage to the player who is equipped with it. Therefore, just as the name says, the weapon has a damage softener that creates a protective shield in blue color and, if the player receives any shot from the opponent at the time he is shooting, he will suffer less damage.

In a nutshell, the Shield Weapon will cause the player to take less damage when exchanging shots. However, it is worth mentioning that the item only works while the user is aiming. So, for example, the moment you are running, the player will be unprotected.

New Bomb Squad mode

Very similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Bomb Squad mode involves the “police and thief” style, in which a team plants a bomb and its opponents defend it. Altogether there are two teams with four players each, in a very similar way to the Contra Squad mode. In this case, the winning team will win the most matches in seven rounds.

Arrival of the character Steffie

One of the main novelties of the update, the character Steffie is a professional graffiti artist who has the Abrigo de Tinta skill, with a graffiti that reduces the damage of explosives and damage of shot in the cooldown of 45 seconds. The skill in question is exclusive to Steffie and cannot be used by other characters. Specifically, the new character is exactly the opposite of Alvaro’s strength and very similar to Andrew.

Free Fire: check out what's new in the February update

Steffie will arrive with the Free Fire update. (Image: Garena)

New items and weapons in ranked matches

In the group of items and weapons that will be included in the ranked matches are: VSS Bullet Saw, which is one of the least used weapons of Free Fire and will cause the enemies affected by it to bleed, in addition to causing more damage; Kar98 Biometric Sight, another very little weapon used by the community and which will have an accessory for the exclusive use of the sniper rifle, which will identify any living thing that appears on the map; Core of the M14’s Rage, which, unlike the previous examples, is a weapon widely used by the community with the item as permission to fire more accurately, besides increasing the rate of shots fired; Ice Pistol, which allows you to create walls of ice even from a long distance, and Double Cartridge, an item that allows players to reload their weapons more quickly. It is worth mentioning that the last two will be available only on AirDrops.

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