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Roll The Dice With VR Tabletop RPG Demeo



Developer Resolution Games are taking RPG back to their tabletop roots with their new VR title, Demeo. The game was initially revealed in December of 2020 and with some gameplay teased in early March 2021 further fueling intrigue for eager fans. In a press release, Resolution Games has finally announced a release date for Demeo set for 6th May 2021.

“We knew that RPG fans were going to love Demeo, but we had no idea just how excited they would be until we released its gameplay reveal trailer last month,” said Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games in a statement. “It has been so fun hearing from players all over the world about how excited they are to get their hands on the game and experience their beloved tabletop game nights again with their friends after a long year apart. Demeo is going to be unlike anything available in VR today, and we can’t wait for players to take on the dungeons of Demeo on May 6.”

Demeo‘s immersive roleplaying experience has players conduct a tabletop RPG campaign in VR. In this dungeon quest, up to four players will have to take the roles of four different classes: “an eagle-eyed hunter, mystical sorcerer, deadly assassin or protective guardian.” The campaign has the party venture into the catacombs of Demeo, where they must battle with the unholy army of the Mad Elven King. Their goal as they traverse this Elven necropolis is to set the Mad King free or die trying.

Demeo uses the classic turn-based battle system with the roll of the dice determining actions as well as special cards hidden in treasure chests in the dungeon that have special abilities such as healing party members, freezing enemies, or obliterating opponents with fireballs. Being in VR, the player can scale the size of the table to their liking, hover over the top of it, and appear alongside their friends as customized avatars.

Demeo | Extended Gameplay Trailer

Demeo will be releasing on 6th May for Oculus Rift, Quest, Quest 2, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality, and HTC Vive. Not only will they be cross-platform between all the VR headsets, but Resolution Games also announced that they will be implementing cross-platform with the non-VR version, expected to arrive sometime later on in the year.

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