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Online gambling industry has been one of the first industries in the world to open its doors to cryptocurrencies. These days, cryptos have found their way to pretty much every industry, and while many are adopting them hesitantly, the adoption is still progressing. However, online gambling, and gaming in general, have been a lot more open to digital coins.

This is not that surprising, given the fact that online casinos are always looking to improve their technology, add new, modern games, include as many payment methods as possible, and alike, all for the purpose of being competitive and attracting as many customers as possible. This led to the launch of platforms such as, which are crypto-exclusive, offering greater privacy for gamblers, as well as greater availability, as digital currencies are truly borderless, with near-instant payments, and other benefits. With that said, let’s take a look at what this casino has to offer and whether or not it is worth using.

Licensing & Regulation

2.3/5 Casino is a platform that was established in 2017. Unfortunately, being a Bitcoin-only platform, it did not manage to secure any licenses as of yet, which is not surprising, given that cryptos themselves are neither regulated nor adopted in most countries.

Despite this, the platform is pretty well-organized and modern, easy to navigate, and find any games that you wish to play, as long as it has them on offer. This is quite a big deal, as cryptocurrency payments are still quite complex for most people, despite the fact that it is significantly easier to use them today than it was five, ten, or more years ago. So, with the players already having to struggle with the complexity of managing crypto, it is preferable for the casinos to be user-friendly.

Casino Games


Next, we wanted to talk about the games themselves. Different casinos handle their game offerings differently, with some only offering a small number of high-quality games, while others offer as many games as they can. Casino belongs to the first group, where it has a fairly small selection of games, but all of them are very popular and sought after.

Don’t let the name fool you — this platform offers a lot more than just slots. In fact, it has partnered with multiple game developers, including Makitone Gaming, Betsoft, Microgaming, Proprietary Games, NetEnt, and RTG, and thanks to these partnerships, it offers 50 different gaming options, including slots themselves, but also multiple table games, and even video poker.

While this might not seem like much, it is worth noting that Bitcoin-only casinos are quite rare, but they offer great benefits, so if you are interested in using a platform like this, there are not too many options out there at this time.

Payment Options


Typically, when we consider the payment options of casinos, we like to see a casino featuring as many integrated payment methods as possible. Today, there are hundreds of payment methods available, with dozens of them being huge and used around the world, so it makes sense for a casino to incorporate as many of them as possible in order for users to find their preferred method and easily deposit funds.

This time, however, the situation is different. Casino is a crypto and Bitcoin-only platform, so you won’t be able to deposit fiat currencies nor use a huge variety of methods. You can, however, use different wallets to deposit and withdraw the money, such as Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Knots, Breadwallet, Coin Space, Green Bits, mSIGNA, MultiBit HP, Simple Bitcoin, and alike.

While this seems quite limiting, we can give you several good reasons why Bitcoin transactions are preferred to fiat transfers. As we noted earlier, cryptocurrency transactions offer a greater dose of privacy. They do not offer full anonymity, as you will have to connect your wallet to an exchange in order to trade or convert your coins, and most exchanges now require users to reveal their identities, so any anonymity that you expect to have is lost after that. But, with crypto still being unregulated and unmonitored in a lot of countries, you can preserve a certain amount of privacy.

Next, crypto transactions are near instant, which is really the case when it comes to younger coins. In the case of Bitcoin, the transactions require approximately 10 minutes to be processed, but this is still better than any traditional method, if highly unimpressive in the context of the crypto industry itself.

Finally, transaction fees that you need to pay for crypto transfers are extremely low compared to traditional methods, where they are typically 5% or higher. Other than that, it should also be noted that there are no casino fees on transfers, and there are also no limits on transactions, so you can pretty much deposit any amount that you feel like using, be that $10 worth of Bitcoin or $10,000.

Customer Support


When it comes to customer support, this is a very important factor. As services that work with users’ money, online gambling platforms need to be able to respond quickly to any questions or reported issues and help their users out in any way they can. Most traditional online casinos understand this and they offer multiple methods of contacting customer support, such as emails, live chat, and phone calls.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Casino, none of these options are available. Instead, the site only offers a contact form, and frankly, we are not huge fans of this. Email support is generally considered a bare minimum, and the platform doesn’t even have this method fully covered, let alone live chat.

This means that, if you encounter problems with the platform, the games, or your payments, you can report it via form and will then have to wait for the support to respond, which might take a while. For a lot of people, this is not good enough, and we would like to see live chat added at the very least.

Mobile Availability


Finally, we like to conclude our reviews by checking out whether or not the platform offers mobile availability. Typically, casinos tend to offer mobile support via a dedicated app, or, more commonly, through mobile browsers. However, Casino is different from other platforms, as it introduced a new trend of being a platform that is going after mobile users, specifically.

It has a huge dedication to the mobile platform, which makes it an excellent choice for mobile customers that either prefer accessing casinos via their smartphones and tablets or have no choice but to do so due to a busy lifestyle, common travels, and alike. The fact that the casino is so focused on the mobile aspect might also be one explanation for the low game count, as a huge number of games would possibly make the mobile platform less effective, more difficult to navigate, and potentially more difficult to run.

In any event, is a brilliant casino from the mobile availability aspect, even if it comes short in many other areas, as we have seen earlier.



So, what is the verdict? Casino is definitely not your typical online gambling platform. It has partnered with multiple game developers, but despite that, it only offers around 50 games. Its customer support is very poorly organized, with only the form as the only method of contacting its team. It doesn’t support any fiat currencies nor fiat deposit or withdrawal methods, and instead, it only supports Bitcoin transactions.

Of course, Bitcoin transactions do have their advantages, such as greater speeds, low transaction fees, zero casino transfer fees, greater privacy, and other benefits that we talked about earlier. But, it is worth noting that crypto transactions are also irreversible, while the coins themselves are unregulated, so in case of any difficulties with the platforms, users do not have anyone to turn to for help in terms of the authorities.

This leads us to the largest con regarding this casino, which is the fact that it is completely unlicensed. Being a crypto-only platform based in Gibraltar, Casino doesn’t have a single license from any regulatory body, as they cannot regulate a casino that uses unregulated currency only, and is so unique on top of that.

The only area where this casino shines is mobile availability, and if you are after that aspect, you will definitely find what you are looking for with this platform. However, since it falls short to deliver in pretty much all other areas, this platform is definitely not for everyone.

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