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Abbey Games’ Reus, a god-centric world builder for consoles and PC, is on the verge of receiving a sequel. Yes, a sequel to 2013’s giant-themed sandbox sim, if you can believe it. As it turns out, it has been a little over ten years since the series first found its feet, and so, a well-overdue follow-up seems, well, appropriate, all things considered. The question is, what’s new this time around, and how will the aptly titled Reus 2 look to shake up the decade-old formula for both fans of the original and curious newcomers? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What Is Reus 2?

Small town setting in Reus 2

If you’ve yet to onboard the original Reus that launched back in 2013, then just know this: it’s a city-building (or world-building, in this case) game, and one that invites players to shape planets through the power of terraforming and gene manipulation. The sequel, which will aim to boost several of the debut chapter’s core features, will also include additional planets to mold, new upgrades, and the option to develop a unique world history for every planet in your galaxy.

“Shape the development of humanity and watch as their societies evolve from primitive tribes into advanced civilizations,” the game’s description reads in part. “Whether they are obsessed space explorers or self-destructive warmongers, who are you to judge their choices? Remember, you can always start a new humanity.”


Meadow setting in Reus 2

In a similar fashion as its predecessor, Reus 2 will entrust its players with the monumental task of fostering a series of planets as an all-powerful giant. As one of said giants—colossal beings that harbor skills of an otherworldly nature—you will need to use your natural-born talents in order to develop your own network of civilizations, with which you will use to shape new technologies, settlements, and futures.

In Abbey Games’ own words, “Reus 2 puts you in control of mighty giants that shape the planet for humans to live, grow, and wage war on. Your choices will explore the fate of humanity across a cosmos of your creation, experimenting with civilization and seeing what human tribes will achieve with the right combination of elements.”

It goes without saying that, with Reus 2 being an almost sandbox-like game at heart, its storylines won’t be strictly linear, but rather, moldable arcs that can be recycled and reinvented in numerous ways. And so, whilst the sequel will have fairly loose plot points, the bulk of the narrative will reflect on the decisions you make along the way as the galaxy’s towering overlord.


Overview on planet in Reus 2

Going by the elevator pitch that Abbey Games posted a fair ways back, Reus 2 will be bringing a treasure trove of brand-new features, including the ability to create multiple worlds, characters, and histories, as well as a two-dimensional grid and special inventions “based on your nature.” Aside from all that, Reus 2 will also adopt the traditional elements that fleshed out the original—nodes that, in a true city-building fashion, allow users to not only create biomes, but manage their inhabitants and resources, too.

“Using different combinations of flora and fauna, create endless synergies in your ecosystems that yield surprising results,” the description elaborates. “New discoveries will change the human societies that inhabit that world. Each playthrough leaves a lasting legacy in the stars – and inspires new paths to take.”


News of the giant-centric series returning for a sequel first came to light back in 2023, at which point Abbey Games, along with its publisher, Firesquid, celebrated the anniversary with an exclusive preview of Reus 2.

“The original Reus is a decade old, and much has changed in the gaming world,” Abbey Games’ Maarten Wiedenhof, Manuel Kerssemakers, and Adriaan Janseen announced back in 2023. “We’re excited to bring Reus 2 to this new era, and show what it can bring to all those who want to create their own perfect world!”

Reus 2 was an immediate love affair for us at Firesquid,” Anders Larsson, founder and CEO added. “This relaxed god game where you can just start another humanity if they misbehave is such a great idea, and Abbey Games have a history of developing great games.”

As it currently stands, Reus 2 will be launching on PC in Q2 2024. For additional information and pre-launch updates, you can check in with Abbey Games’ Steam handle here. Alternatively, you can catch up with Firesquid on X (formerly known as Twitter) here.


Reus 2 - Reveal Trailer

Has Abbey Games’ upcoming reincarnation caught your eye? If so, then you’ll be pleased to know that the devs did actually go on to staple a bit of footage to its streaming handle back in 2023. You can check out the initial announcement trailer in the clip embedded above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Grassland biome in Reus 2

Reus 2 will be launching on PC via Steam on May 23, 2024. As for whether or not it’ll be available on Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch in the future is still unclear, though given the fact that the original was also released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it could be that a console port is also being considered. For the time being, though, it appears that the soft launch will be solely for PC.

As far as editions go, Abbey Games has only teased the one: a standard copy, which will be available to purchase on Steam later this year. With that said, if the devs do decide to release a special edition of some sort, then they’ll likely post an update on the matter over the coming months.

Interested in staying up to date with Reus 2? If so, then be sure to check in with the team over at Abbey Games for all the latest developments via their official social handle here. If anything changes ahead of its launch, then we’ll be sure to fill you in on all the key details right here on


So, what’s your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Reus 2 when it arrives on PC? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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