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PUBG’s New Update Encourages Friendly Play

PUBG's New Update Encourages Friendly Play



PUBG's New Update Encourages Friendly Play

In the hope to set out some new ground rules, PUBG is incorporating a reputation system for all players. Scaling from zero to five, the battle royale hit will introduce rankings depending on how you play. Similar to the likes of old-school Xbox 360 multiplayer; other users can rate you higher or lower and, in turn, nudge your score up or down. So, providing you play nice and avoid being “toxic” as the developer puts it, then there’s no real reason why you should see your ranking plummet.

“Keeping in-game interactions healthy is important to us,” PUBG Corp notes. “We know passions can run high on the Battlegrounds, but toxic behaviour is never justified.”

PUBG's New Update Encourages Friendly Play

There’s no hiding with the 10.2 patch.

Arriving in the 10.2 patch which is likely to release over the next few weeks, PUBG will also look to bolt on some other updates, too. With the addition of the hotrod, Coupe RB, as well as some neat emotes which you can use while performing death-defying stunts, you’ll also notice a few tweaks to the base game. Of course, you can find all of the updates on the patch notes here.

At present, the 10.2 patch is live on the test servers and is likely to go worldwide over the coming weeks. So, perhaps now is the time to amend your sneaky ways and put on your friendly face, because come February — everybody will know who you are.

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