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PUBG Has Mountain Bikes In Update 15.1



Krafton’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (a battle royale shooter game, pitting 100 players against each other) is adding fan-requested mountain bikes for update 15.1 (found on the test server at the time of writing). Included with the update: various weapon tweaks and an improved Sanhok map. The developers are also testing buffs for shotguns, SMGs, LMGs, and the AUG, as well as a nerd for the P20. 

Hardly will the in-game mountain bikes make noise thanks to their lack of engine, allowing for stealthy movement. Surprise your enemies with shooting while driving, sprint on your mountain bike by repeatedly mashing the Move Forward key to cycle faster, and jump while mounted, putting your BMX skills to the test.


PUBG - Patch 15.1 - New Vehicle: Mountain Bike


  • Maps: All maps are in normal matches
  • Folds back into an item when stored back into the inventory.
  • The current traveling speed is not displayed, due to the absence of a speedometer
  • Does not spawn in Esports Mode.
  • Spawned in a folded form.
  • Store them in inventory or unfold it into a rideable vehicle.
  • Maximum number of passengers: One

Maximum Speed:

  • Item weight: 70
  • Fuel consumption: None
  • Maximum speed without sprinting (85% Throttle): 50 km/h
  • Riding with sprint tapping (100% Throttle): 62 km/h
  • HP: Cannot be destroyed, including the wheels
  • Riding with 40% or more Boost (90% Throttle): 54 km/h


Feel the need to use one wheel like a true hipster? Show off your skills and find the perfect balance by holding the “sprint” key and tapping “jump,” unlike the convenient way with two wheels. 


Since the P90 has the most kills of any Crate weapon, the developers decided to increase the recoil difficulty, supplying less ammo. The difficulties include: 

  • A lowered Care package ammo from 250 -> 200 bullets
  • Increased horizontal and vertical recoil
  • Increased ADS deviation during full-auto burst


  • Increased hit probability on short range
  • Decreased Sawed-Off pellet spread
  • Increased Sawed-Off damage by 1
  • Increased damage drop-off range to improve effective range by several meters per shotgun

The full patch notes can be found here. 

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