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PS5 vs XSX: Which Console is Dominating 2021?




It's been seven months since Microsoft and Sony rolled out their latest hardware, and people are still knocking heads over which platform takes the gold. Of course, there's plenty to take into account for such an argument — and many of the points often fall back to the lack of units on the market. But other than that trainwreck of a factor, there's still plenty to absorb and analyse on both parts. Although, as it stands today — there is one frontrunner that we can't help but gawp over for each passing announcement. Statistics-wise, well, that's another story.

Since November 2020, both Xbox and PlayStation have been fighting tooth and nail to snag the upper hand and ultimately claim the title as the best selling console of 2021. However, while one of the factions has gone well past the boundaries in an attempt to ramp up the hype — the other has effortlessly stolen the show without so much as lifting a finger. And, as far as sales go — Sony has bagged the platinum with well over double the Microsoft figures. And that was just in the first quarter of 2021. As of this moment, however, there really is no telling which console takes the lead, though going by the first round of figures, it's unlikely the PS5 has surrendered the podium just yet.

PS5 Hardware Trailer

But it isn't all about the stats, is it?

With all of this in mind, it is worth pointing out the social presence Microsoft has had so far this year. And, where Sony has often shied away from the likes of E3 and other gaming expos — Microsoft has been there to swoop in and present one heck of a show every time without a single hiccup. So, while Sony clearly dominates the market with staggering sales figures (despite the lack of available units), Microsoft is definitely leading the way with their complete and utter devotion to the gaming community.

Of course, hardware aside, there is the argument over which subscription service takes the gold too. Between Game Pass and PlayStation Now, players have been sifting through each evolving catalogue in an attempt to tally points over which platform steals the show. However, judging by the slew of uploads and recent acquisitions Microsoft has made, it really is a no brainer as to which side claims the win on the matter. And so, in our eyes — Game Pass tops the rival plan. And then some.

Xbox Series X - World Premiere - 4K Trailer

Two gold medals for two gaming kingpins…

It doesn't seem right to compare the two consoles after such a short time but, on the other hand, we do have to give credit where it's due. And, in this case, we do have to praise both factions for providing a genuinely riveting first half of 2021. Sure, Sony may very well lead the sales with the PlayStation 5, but Microsoft has definitely stolen the show for the generous amount of content they've unveiled so far. And it's because of that, that we're finding ourselves drawn to the Xbox Series more so than the PS5. At least for the moment.

So, to answer the question of which console currently dominates the market — we have to put the PlayStation 5 up on a pedestal, with the Xbox Series climbing just a few inches below. But as for 2022 and beyond, well — time will only tell on that one.

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