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PS5 Launch Date Unaffected By Coronavirus Pandemic, Sony Says

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Despite its impact on their projected profits, Sony has confirmed that the release date of the PS5 is not expected to be affected. In an interview with Bloomberg, Sony's spokesperson said there won't be a “notable impact on the launch” of PlayStation 5. The PS5's release date initially was set to the holiday season of this year. Though, Sony is expecting slashed profits. Compared to its financial forecast back in February, Sony's profits are likely to be about $370 million lower.

That being said, the coronavirus pandemic will possibly have an effect on the upcoming first-party PS4 games. Sony's Chinese manufacturing centers were shut down for weeks as the outbreak was being managed. Sony said in a statement, “Although no issues have emerged so far, Sony is carefully monitoring the risk of delays in production schedules for game software titles at both its first-party studios and partner studios, primarily in Europe and the U.S.” 


Capcom has stated that they have experienced difficulties with the physical copies and collector's edition of Resident Evil 3 Remake in Europe. Square Enix has also stated that there would likely be a delay for physical copies of Final Fantasy VII Remake specifically in Europe, Australia, and the Americas. In their statement, they say, “The worldwide release of Final Fantasy VII Remake on April 10 will go ahead. However, with the unforeseeable changes in the distribution and retail landscape that varies across countries, it is increasingly likely that some of you will not get hold of your copy of the game on the release date.”


At the time of writing, there is no announced delay for Sony's upcoming first-party games, The Last of Us 2, releasing in May and Ghost of Tsushima, arriving in June. Digital version's release date remains unaffected though Playstation Network download speeds have been reduced in the U.S. and Europe to ensure internet reliability.

Sony has also mentioned that during the outbreak, many of the employees in Sony will be working from home and closed some of their offices. In the statement, Sony says, “In accordance with mandates from national and local governments, Sony has closed a portion of its offices, mainly in Europe and the U.S., where employees are now working from home. Additionally, at Sony’s offices in Japan and other areas, employees must work from home, excluding a small number of essential employees.”

There has been no word from Microsoft regarding any delay of Xbox Series X. Though, the competitive edge for Sony during the next-gen console war is dependent on this important launch window.



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