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Project Haven: Everything We Know So Far



Project Haven is an upcoming immersive squad-based tactical game that could just take home the gold in November’s Nordic Game Discovery Contest, with developer Code Three Fifty One currently possessing all the raw ingredients to whip up an absolute game changer at some point in 2022.

But what can we expect from this ambitious project, as well as the Portugal-based Code Three Fifty One? Well, according to the creators behind the tactical role-playing game, Project Haven will feature a classic 90s style with a modern twist, with a deep focus cast on its story-driven 45+ mission campaign, where players can either run the journey solo or with a band of fellow teammates.

Set in Haven City, the last metropolis on Earth, players will assume the roles of the Steel Dragons, a mercenary outfit with a sharp tooth for survival and an everlasting hunger for lining pockets with coin and exploiting the corruption that bleeds deep between the city streets. Your role in Haven City, of course, is to recruit a squad and submerge into the criminal underworld, where your only chances of survival are through blood, bank and bullets.

Has that piqued your interest? If so, you can check out the official trailer for Project Haven below:

Project Haven | gamescom 2021 Game Trailer [4K] | PC

What did Code Three Fifty One have to say about the NGDC Finals?

Being a small team developing a fairly large game it’s great to see our efforts recognized and side by side with some of the best upcoming games in the indie industry.” Code Three Fifty One commented after qualifying for the grand final of the Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC).

Although a launch date has yet to be set in stone, Code Three Fifty One has pinned a rough 2022 slate. Project Haven will release on PC, iOS and Linux. You can follow the updates for the game and all things Project Haven over on the official social handle here.

Interested in catching the grand final of the NGDC? You can stream the event on most major platforms, mainly YouTube and Twitch. Nordic Games Autumn 2021 will go live on November 2nd, 2021.