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Given NCSoft’s somewhat questionable track record of publishing half-baked MMOs that rarely get the chance to break in their heels before receiving the boot, it does come as a slight surprise to see the studio back at the helm for yet another project. This time, however, it’s stepping well and truly into the RTS territory, with the proposed Project G in line to carry the torch for the hit-and-miss outfit. But as for what’ll come of this dubiously ambitious MMORTS project, of course, is still somewhat unclear at this moment in time.

So, what do we actually know about the upcoming MMORTS, besides the fact that it’s heading to PC and mobile at some point in the distant future? Well, excluding the fact that we don’t actually have the foggiest idea what the G stands for in Project G, a fair amount, as it turns out. Interested? If so, then here’s everything you need to know about it.

What Is Project G?

In short, Project G is an upcoming MMO real-time strategy game by NCSoft. According to the studio, players will have the chance to immerse in “large-scale war”—conquests in which you will have to form a guild, collect resources, and fight to claim new territories for the sake of keeping your people alive.

So, what makes Project G any different from, say, Dota 2 or Age of Empires? Well, according to the devs, the upcoming RTS will be “applying NC’s strength, MMO’s large-scale war technology, to the RTS genre so that you can experience a sense of scale and quality that has not been felt in other strategy games.” Quite the statement, then—and a boast that NCSoft will certainly have to reinforce with some serious top-shelf gameplay previews.


At this moment in time, we can’t say for certain what Project G is all about. That said, we do know that players will immerse in a mythical realm known as Pangaea—an almost barren world that’s borderline void of any natural resources. As a supposed Lord, or a general jack-of-all-trades, you will be tasked with scraping whatever materials you can find from the earth, and applying them to structures, barracks, and even thriving cities. Your ultimate goal, being a RTS game at heart, is to outsmart your opponent and essentially destroy their network before they dismantle yours.

“Welcome to Pangaea,” the text from the official announcement trailer reads. “First, my Lord, you must develop your land. Construct buildings and gather residents. Assemble an army to defeat monsters and enemies. Gather allies and prepare for the battles to come. Do not be afraid or back down, for you are my master and the rightful ruler of this world.”


It comes as no surprise that Project G, being set on the real-time strategy formula, has all the bells and whistles that you’d find in any game of its kind. Much like other popular RTS titles, the gameplay will revolve around a mixture of city-building, strategizing, and engaging in frontline combat. How you go about divvying up your time during these conquests, of course, will be entirely up to you. As the overseer, though, you will need to gather resources, recruit melee and ranged units, and fortify your base with various outposts.

In most RTS scenarios, it’s usually the case of going against the clock, or practicing hard enough to slide through the motions in order to beat your opponent long before they’ve established the foundations for a city. As for the exact options and mechanics Project G will apply, however, is still unknown.


NCSoft, the studio that has helped funnel life into countless MMOs over the years, first announced Project G as part of a mid-March update. Its goal, which is to develop its first real-time strategy game ever, will (hopefully) come to fulfilment over the next two or three years. Here’s hoping, then, that it’ll reach PC and mobile either by 2024 or 2025.

“Building a real-time strategy title upon NCSOFT’s advanced technology accumulated with massively multiplayer on line-based massive-scale battle system, we aim to create unprecedented scale and quality that have not been witnessed in any other strategy games,” project director Minseok Seo said in a press release. “Players will be able to experience the quintessence of strategy games, coupled with various units and worlds unique to Project G, making the gameplay itself the fun factor for the players.”


[NCing] Project G Official Trailer | eNCounter | 엔씨소프트

If you’re feeling curiouser and curiouser about the upcoming RTS entry, then you’ll be glad to know that NCSoft has, in fact, gone ahead and published a gameplay trailer to help wet the whistle. And what’s more, it reportedly boasts “100 percent real gameplay scenes with high-quality graphics currently under development, built on Unreal Engine.” Interested? You can check it out yourself in the embed above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Project G will be shaping up for a soft launch on both PC, Android, and iOS. As for when this’ll be, though, is still anybody’s guess, as it will continue to be until NCSoft adds a bit of color to the canvas. Will it come to consoles at any point during the aftermath of its eventual PC launch? Tough call. If it does come to pass, though, then it probably won’t be until much later—maybe a year or so further down the line.

As it’s still early days yet, we can’t say for certain what editions will launch alongside the standard one. If NCSoft does drop a hint on the matter, though, then it’ll most likely be in the final quarter before its eventual global release.

For more information on the Project G launch, you can follow the official social feed here. If anything new or exciting pops up between now and its eventual release, we’ll be sure to fill you in on all the details right here on


So, what’s your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Project G when it eventually drops? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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