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Porsche and Holoride Launch New In-car VR Experience Cosmic Chase



Porsche and holoride have collaborated to create a revolutionary in-car VR experience that could make ripples in the gaming business. In collaboration with holoride and Schell Games, the new Cosmic Chase is an in-car VR experience that has opened to the public at Porsche Experience Center (PEC) Los Angeles. The new attraction puts you inside a Porsche Cayenne S, with a professional driver, all the while you fight off an alien invasion in VR.

This isn't as easy as just playing VR in a Porsche, which is pretty great as is, but it actually integrates the vehicle's real-time movement with the VR headset. Holoride further explains, “To make this possible, holoride uses driving data from a Porsche of the model line Cayenne, such as steering, accelerating and braking, to adapt the experience to match the movement of the car.”. That isn't all, holoride also mentions that the experience also incorporates sound effects and visuals that adapt to the car's movement to prevent motion sickness. By matching what the riders see and feel, the Cosmic Chase should offer an immersive experience with “no latency”.


holoride presents: Cosmic Chase

The revolutionary idea began in 2019 when holoride collaborated with Porsche as part of the Startup Autobahn. The yearly innovation program seeks to link cutting-edge technology with interface technologies. This is done in companies that own luxury brands such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and EvoBus. Holoride proposed the concept of Cosmic Chase at the event back in 2019, and three years later is has come to fruition.


About Cosmic Chase

Schell Games created the original game, Cosmic Chase, for Porsche and holoride's breakthrough idea. The game places you in the company of other AI recruits who make up the “Earth Alliance”. You then buckle in a spaceships gunner's turret and blast off into lightspeed to hunt a mechanical insect swarm. This swarm is known as Cymex, and it has been spreading havoc throughout the cosmos, consuming worlds; it is now up to you to stop it.

Okay you can't admit it is really cheesy and not all that creative. The highlight here, though, isn't so much a standout game as it is a standout experience, and you can't deny Porsche are offering that.


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