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Polaris: Everything We Know

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Four characters with futuristic weapons ready for action scene in Polaris

Imagine a world where your home planet is under siege, where every corner of your city is watched by the ruthless eyes of a powerful regime. The sky is filled with enemy drones, and the streets are patrolled by heavily armed soldiers who enforce a brutal occupation. This is the gripping reality of Polaris, an upcoming sci-fi cooperative shooter that has captured the attention and imagination of gamers worldwide. Developed by the passionate off-shoot team at Variable State, Polaris promises a thrilling adventure set in a dystopian future where players must band together to reclaim their home from an overwhelming enemy force.

As you and your fellow Skylancers take to the skies, the fate of your world hangs in the balance. The game boasts fully destructible environments, dynamic open levels, and a narrative that pulls you into a desperate struggle for freedom. If you want to learn more, here's everything we know so far about Polaris.

What is Polaris?

Intense rooftop battle with characters and spacecraft in futuristic city

Polaris is an upcoming science-fiction cooperative shooter that promises to immerse players in a tense, team-oriented experience set in a dystopian future. At its core, the game features squads of up to four players who take on the roles of Skylancers, freedom fighters committed to reclaiming their home planet from the Regime's oppressive control. The essence of this game lies in guerilla warfare tactics, with a strong focus on teamwork and strategic assaults on enemy strongholds. The gameplay of the game centers around highly destructible environments, presenting dynamic combat scenarios across vast cityscapes. So, players will need adapt to ever-changing combat situations, using their surroundings to gain a tactical advantage over the enemy.

Ultimately, this game promises a thrilling cooperative experience, where reliance on teammates is crucial to navigating the dangers of a world under siege. The fusion of futuristic technology, high-stakes missions, and the necessity for coordinated team efforts defines the core of what Polaris aims to deliver. So, this upcoming title pledges a compelling mix of action and strategy, set against the backdrop of a planet fighting for its freedom and survival.


Character flying through the sky with determined expression

Polaris will transport players into a dystopian future where the Skylancers' peaceful planet is now under the Regime's brutal control. This oppressive force has transformed their home into a battleground, using advanced technology to subjugate the population. Players will join the resistance as Skylancers, a determined group of freedom fighters equipped with cutting-edge abilities. Their mission is to reclaim their world. Along the way, players will uncover the Regime's secrets and work to dismantle the Regime’s iron grip. All of this takes place while navigating the ever-changing cityscapes that now serve as the frontlines in their fight for liberation.


Aerial combat gameplay with multiple spacecraft and characters in Polaris

We haven’t seen the gameplay of Polaris yet, but based on what the developers have shared, here’s what we can expect. Polaris is basically a cooperative PVE (Player vs Environment) shooter where up to four players team up to fight against the Regime. The focus will be on teamwork, strategy, and the ability to destroy the environment around you.

Players will become Skylancers, superpowered freedom fighters aiming to take back their homeworld from the Regime. Missions will take place in large, open levels where players can fly and use powerful abilities to navigate and fight. This aerial aspect will add a fresh twist to the typical cooperative shooter gameplay, so players will need to master both ground and air tactics. The environments will be fully destructible, giving players the freedom to approach missions in creative ways.

Furthermore, one of the most exciting features of Polaris is its “playground of destruction.” Players will be able to demolish everything in the game, from buildings to natural terrain. This destructibility is not just for show—it will be a key part of the gameplay. You can create new paths, break through walls, and shape the battlefield to your advantage. This will make each game session unique, as the environment will constantly change and challenge players to adapt their strategies. Another interesting aspect of Polaris is using the Regime’s own tools against them. As Skylancers, players will be able to capture and use enemy technology.


Futuristic aircraft flying over ocean at sunset

Polaris is being developed and published by Polaris Team, a small and passionate group of 11 developers from Variable State. They are using the advanced Unreal Engine 5 to create the game, and this powerful engine ensures that the game looks stunning and perform smoothly.The developers have shared many insights about their progress. Jonathan, the creative director, has always wanted to make a game like Polaris, inspired by classics such as Syndicate, Wipeout, and Halo.

His vision, along with the team's creativity, aims to blend these influences into a unique and exciting gameplay experience. The team is committed to delivering a polished product, stating, “We just want to make a cool game, and we hope it looks cool to you, too!” As of now, Polaris is still in the early stages of development. The team has made it clear that the game will not be a live service title but will offer a complete experience at launch. They expect to make some bug fixes and balancing changes after release.


POLARIS™ | Official World Premiere Trailer (Pre-Alpha) | PC

The devs have shared a gripping World Premiere trailer, showcasing cinematic footage from the pre-alpha stage. While it doesn't delve into gameplay specifics, the trailer masterfull sets up the game's backstory. So, if you haven't seen it yet, make sure to watch the video above for a tantalizing glimpse into this epic sci-fi adventure!

Release Date, Platforms, and Editions

Futuristic spacecraft in aerial battle amidst city buildings

Polaris is set to launch exclusively on PC via Steam, with potential Steam Deck support hinted for the future, though there are no console plans announced yet. While the developers haven't revealed specific details about special editions, players can expect a comprehensive and polished game upon release. In the meantime, stay updated on the latest news by following the official social media accounts and sign up for the upcoming beta test here.

So, what are you most excited about in Polaris? Will you join the Skylancers in their fight against the regime? Let us know on our socials here!

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