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PlayStation One: 5 Remakes We’d Pay Good Money to See



I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel pretty old right about now — especially knowing that the PlayStation One has been floating about for almost thirty years. Yes —  thirty. It’s sort of hard to believe, isn’t it? Though it really has been that long since Sony shipped out the very first console to the world. Seems wild when looking back over the timeline as a whole, of course, knowing that PlayStation has since gone on to spread its joy over four other generations. And as for 1994? Well, it still feels fresh in our minds most days — even with the PS5 soaking up every shred of brainpower left vacant.

The PlayStation One had quite the selection of games over its six-year reign, totalling a whopping 7,918, with almost a billion copies being sold worldwide. However, among the thousands of fantastic (and not so fantastic) titles that landed on the beloved console, five games did leave marks deep enough to keep us hooked to the nineties. And now, in 2021 — we want them back in a brand new light, frills and all. So pay attention, Sony!


5. Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis Trailer 1999

Of all the horror games the PlayStation 1 took on, Dino Crisis was among the greatest on the platform as a whole. With a fresh take on bloodthirsty raptors and death-defying settings, the Capcom mega-hit was able to establish a pretty phenomenal experience. Sadly, as the likes of Resident Evil stormed ahead and claimed the majority of the publishers hours, Dino Crisis did ultimately fall to the back of the line. Push forward to today — and people are still petitioning for a remaster.

Fusing those familiar mechanics as seen in the earliest Resident Evil chapters with a new enemy to boot, Dino Crisis tapped into a whole new domain, one of which sold remarkably well for its time. The gameplay was riveting enough to keep the hours flowing, the unpredictability of the sly raptors biting at your ankles from the shadows was utterly terrifying — and the overall experience was a total cluster of bone-shattering thrills. Sadly, that does beg the question — why hasn’t it been remade for 2021 yet? Tut tut, Capcom.


4. Croc

Croc: Legend of The Gobbos Trailer

One thing the nineties wasn’t exactly short of was adorable little platformers with quirky protagonists and gimmicky features — like a crocodile with a backpack, for example. Only, with the likes of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro claiming the top shelf in a world of platforming video games, poor ‘ol Croc and friends were left to gather dust in the pits of the bargain bin for years to come. Until now, of course. Now we’re all wanting to resurrect the little guy and shovel a slew of adventures back into his rucksack.

It’s fair to say that booting up a revival series for Croc wouldn’t be too much to ask. After all, with Spyro and Crash going back to their glory days with content-heavy trilogies, it seems only right that the underdogs are given the same treatment moving forward. Of course, Croc definitely isn’t a standout character and a prominent face of nineties gaming as a whole — but he is, however, capable of delivering a top-notch reboot that plenty of fans would happily absorb into their platforming portfolio. At least that’s what we think.


3. Ape Escape

PS1 Ape Escape Trailer HD

Talks have been drifting over an Ape Escape revival for quite some time now. The problem is, nothing has been set in stone, and Japan Studio has shed little to no light on the notion in years. Of course, it does beg the question: will the Sony-based developer ever tuck back into the beloved series and port it onto modern hardware? Well, that’s a question quite a lot of nineties gamers have been asking ever since the franchise went dark in 2010.

Despite its simplistic nature and relatively easy control system, Ape Escape offered a whole mound of addictive fun and glossy visuals on top of a memorable landscape. And, being one of the first games to rely on the DualShock analog sticks to help progress the story, Ape Escape also went down as a major stepping stone and influence for later video games. Sadly, after Ape Escape released its PlayStation Move chapter in 2010, the series withdrew from the spotlight and capsized with the PlayStation 3. And as for a remake of the 1999 original? Your guess is as good as mine.


2. Time Crisis


Nestled deep within the back alley arcades of today lies a few standing copies of Time Crisis, the action-packed shooter that came to life way back in 1995. Of course, many amusement arcades do still like to reserve a hearty place for the series — though the earliest releases aren’t the easiest to find these days. Instead, what we’re left with is the latest chapter which launched back in 2015, Time Crisis 5. And while that’s all well and good — it doesn’t quite satisfy our hunger for a console port.

Time Crisis went on to release PlayStation versions of the much-loved arcade games shortly after each release (with the exception of the fifth). Bundled with a GunCon to replicate the arcade-style mechanics, the home consoles were able to incorporate that same level of joy without having to fork over $20 in change. However, despite the series setting up shop on PlayStation — the remakes are still to be delved into. And that’s a shame, considering the current VR technology we have within our grasp.


1. Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider 1 Trailer

Rounding back to the rebooted trilogies that have made quite the splash in recent years — Tomb Raider is definitely one we’d pay good money to see. Like, serious bucks. Of course, talks have been dipping into the possibility of a franchise revival to celebrate the 25th anniversary. But you can take that one with a grain of salt, to be honest. With little to no light shed on the notion, it’s looking as though Eidos Interactive (now trading as Square Enix) isn’t too keen on resurrecting the debut adventures. And if they are — then they’re pretty good at hiding it.

Tomb Raider evolved into a whole ocean of best-selling material following on from its initial 1996 launch, cementing its place as one of the most influential works on the PlayStation platform to date. And in light of this, entries to the Croft legacy have been set up to knock down ever since, with even more ambition being poured into each passing journey. However, without the first few games to boot, the franchise we know and love today just wouldn’t be alive and kicking. So, to give credit where it’s due — we definitely think a rebooted trilogy is both in order and well overdue. That’s our opinion anyway.


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Jord is an aspiring journalist and self-published author, as well as a lover of all things gaming and media.