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PlayStation Home Could Make a Return for 2022




Say, do you remember that Dreams user that looked to recreate Sony’s once-cherished social hub, PlayStation Home? Well, the bad news is…we haven’t heard a dime about it since April, other than the hopeful 2022 release slate. The good news, however, is that PlayStation Home may very well be making a return regardless, only with Sony themselves manning the helm.

We know what you’re thinking: what could Sony possibly want with their fractured PS3 social hub? Well, let’s not forget that this won’t be the first time the 2008 title has resurfaced, what with Sony briefly sparking hope over a revival a few years back. However, the third time being the charm, PlayStation Home could very well be in the works from behind the scenes for 2022.

So, how do we know this? What feathers have Sony ruffled to get our attention? Well, it’s a shot in the dark, and something we’ll have to take with a major grain of salt, but, as it stands, Sony has, in fact, filed a trademark application for the game. Sealed off with an October 2028 expiry, PlayStation Home, believe it or not, has been put under the hammer. The downside is, neither Sony nor any studio hands have brought any details to light since making the application, meaning we can’t technically set the reboot in stone.

PlayStation Home shut down in 2015.

What was PlayStation Home?

PlayStation Home was a free online community for PS3 users, in which avatars could be made, unique apartments could be tailored by design, and friends could effectively hang out under one banner.

With 22 million members joining the platform since its debut, Sony received plenty of acclaim for its quirky design and convenience between PlayStation players. However, despite its spiralling demand that spanned nearly a decade, PlayStation Home did shut its doors in 2015. Since then, fans have been knocking endlessly, hoping that the doors will finally open on modern hardware.

Whatever happens, it seems as though between Dreams and Sony, the game is definitely harnessing a heap of attention. So, could we see it arrive before the year is out? Well, a trademark application is definitely a foot in the right direction, so we’re not wiping our heads with it just yet.

You can check out the Dreams project that we covered a little while back here.

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