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Play With Your Friends: Best Xbox Co-op Games



With hundreds of co-op Xbox games to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to play with your friends. We have done our research to present you with some of the best titles that you can get lost in for hours upon hours. Enjoy.

Divinity: Original Sin II

To start, we have a captivating turn-based RPG. Divinity is set in an epic open-world where you can choose to survive as one of the 6 unique characters. Whether you play as Undead, Elf, or a Lizard, your choices will have profound and often devastating consequences. Divinity gives you almost unprecedented levels of freedom to roam its lands and uncover many of its secrets. There are over 200 skills to master, which give you a ton of options for how you wish to evolve your character. The game can be played with up to 4 people, both online and in split-screen mode. If you are at all a fan of RPGs, prepare to spend hours upon hours in its magical world.

Platforms: Xbox One

Remnant: From the Ashes

The world has descended into chaos, and it’s your job to defeat the ancient evil once and for all. Save the somewhat cliche story, Remnant delivers epic and challenging boss fights and is perfect for the fans of Dark Souls. However, it is also quite different, featuring a procedurally generated world that will surprise you at every corner. Although it can be played solo, Remnant is really much more fun with a friend or two. The game gives you a ton of armor and weapons so that you can choose which way to approach the fights. Here, teamwork is everything, and death is always one wrong move away. In short, Remnant is an action-adventure RPG that is too good to miss.

Platforms: Xbox One

Play With Your Friends: Remnant

Groot really let himself go Steam

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is one of Bungie’s most popular games, and that’s for a reason. For the uninitiated, this is a sci-fi MMO looter shooter with a massive amount of content. You play as a Guardian, one of the last defenders of the human race against the forces of Cabal, Fallen, and Vex. It’s your job to form a powerful fireteam with your friends and go on an epic journey that spans across the galaxy. Destiny 2 lets you choose between multiple classes, each with unique skills that will prove to be useful. The gameplay is a bit simple, but satisfying, especially when participating in badass boss fights. With season 14 just around the corner, this is a perfect time to jump in and experience all of its mysteries.

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Next, we have another amazing MMO shooter that mixes fantasy and cyberpunk elements which give it a truly unique character. Borderlands 2 places you in a magical world of Pandora, where you will fight against mystical creatures and try to take down an evil mastermind. The game is hectic and gives you a TON of weapons to choose from, randomly generated shields, interesting relics, and more. The Handsome Collection includes over 50 extra releases to provide you with the ultimate Borderlands 2 experience. If you are looking for a chaotic action game with cool characters and a fun story, look no further.

Platforms: Xbox One

Borderland: The handsome collection gameplay

Shit is about to go down Steam

Streets of Rage 4

If you are a fan of old-school beat ’em ups, you simply can’t miss Streets of Rage 4.  The game features a hectic, over-the-top action and has a strong ’90s vibe that will immediately make you nostalgic for the good ol’ arcade slots. Streets of Rage 4 is really polished – featuring amazing visuals, great soundtrack, fresh gameplay mechanics, and cool characters. All in all, this is a surprisingly strong revival of the series that you shouldn’t miss if you are a fan of fighting games.

Platforms: Xbox One

Streets of Rage 4 gameplay

Follow my lead, it’s time to kick some ass. Steam

A Way Out

Lastly, we have an intense co-op adventure that follows the story of 2 convicts. A Way Out is played in split-screen, and you will take control of either Leo or Vincent as they try to escape out from prison. To do this, you will have to solve numerous puzzles and have each other’s back at all times. The emotional story has a lot of twists and turns that will keep you glued to your seat. Although a bit short, A Way Out has amazing gameplay and is easily one of the best games to play with your friends on Xbox One.

Platforms: Xbox One

Play With Your Friends: A Way Out

Help Leo and Vincent escape from the infamous prison Steam

After you are done playing with your friends, maybe you’d like to switch to some solo titles. Here’s our pick of Xbox exclusives that everyone should try.

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