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PC Classic System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition Gets VR Support

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Nightdive Studios, the indie studio that took on the monumental task of remaking the 90s classic, System Shock 2, have demonstrated that the game will be getting VR support. The team at Nightdive released a short video on Twitter showing some action using a Valve Index controller. In the video, it shows the user meleeing several objects with a wrench; a window, a metal object, and a monkey (monkey-wrench, geddit?) The team went onto say: “No monkeys were harmed during the making of #SystemShock2EE VR.”


While still just being a teaser, this all but confirms that System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition will have VR Support. While there is still no word on what other VR platforms they will be supporting, it is a safe bet to say that it will be on SteamVR. There is still a possibility for Oculus Rift and even Oculus Quest version on the horizon. There has been little news about the development since 2019 but hopefully, we may be getting word of a release date somewhere in 2021.

Nightdive had originally begun its campaign for the Kickstarter in June of 2016, with an original goal of $900,000. With the help from 21,625 backers, they currently sit with a crowdfund of $1.3 million. The studio expressed an interest in VR back then as part of a $3 million stretch goal yet there’s been no mention since.

The System Shock series is considered one of the most coveted games of its era, due to its roleplaying elements and story. System Shock 2 is a sci-fi horror where the player takes the role of a soldier trying to stem a genetic infection that has devasted the crew of the starship Von Braun. They must face off the hoard of infected as well as dealing with rogue AI, SHODAN. System Shock 2 was originally designed by Ken Levine and developed by Irrational Games. Levine went on to create the Bioshock series, which is also considered a critical and commercial success.

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