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Paint The Town Red Has A Customizable Experience For You



Xbox Achievements. ©. June 29, 2021.

The first-person brawler with sandbox combat levels, Paint the Town Red should be arriving for Early Access at a town near you. Originally, Paint The Town Red was released in 2015 as an Early Access, but that was a 1.0 version. The 1.0 version of a violent sandbox turned into a customizable experience. Expect the release date to be on June 29, 2021 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 (PlayStation 4), and PS5 (PlayStation 5) with the debut of 1.0 on Steam for Windows PC.

Paint the Town Red - Early Access Launch Trailer


Use your melee skills or let your brawler side show in various locations and time periods. There are disco brawls, saloon rumbles, epic bar fights, and more. 

In this rogue-lite adventure, visible objects like barstools can instinctively become your weapon of choice, because many voxel-based enemies are trying to attack you. You will have a selection from over 200 weapons (including deadly firearms). With the shurikans (also known as throwing stars or ninja stars), aim at the enemy you want to throw the hidden hand blade at. Maybe you will feel like a ninja if you actually hit them. 

Unlock upgrades and battle monsters from underground. Unless you leave you controller unattended during the gameplay, you should be punching, bashing, kicking, stabbing, and slicing the enemies like it was long overdo. 


  • Demolish voxel-based enemies
  • Join the fray in Arena Mode with  multiple challenges and survive as long as possible with Endless Mode
  • Explore action-packed scenarios (including a Biker Bar, Prison, Disco, Western Saloon, and Pirate Cove) fill with enemies and weapons
  • The ultimate challenge will put your skills to the test in Beneath (which is a massive roguelike campaign (filled with creatures, bosses and secrets). Upgrade your stats and abilities to become unstoppable
  • Stab, shoot, and eviscerate your enemies with over 200 weapons
  • There are challenges and rewards

PC Only Features:

  • Test features, weapons, and mechanics in sandbox level
  • Fight alongside friends in co-op multiplayer for almost every mode
  • Claim bragging rights on leaderboards
  • Design new stages in the Level Editor with Steam Workshop support (with hundreds of user-created levels to choose from, and support for custom music and character textures

Audio and Interface: 

English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Arabic, Czech, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Romanian, Thai, Swedish, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Ukrainian. 

For additional information, visit Paint The Town Red’s official website or be sure to follow South East Games on Twitter. 

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