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NJPW Strong Spirits Is Set For This Year



NJPW Strong Spirits. ©. 2021.

What is it about professional wrestling that we all love so much? Could it be the fancy entrances, catchphrases, storylines, and/or wrestling moves? Maybe many of us really prefer the female wrestlers. How will the mobile video game, “NJPW Strong Spirits” in 2021 be? During “Wrestle Kingdom 15,” the announcement was made by “NJPW” (New Japan Pro Wrestling,” that there is a new video game in development for 2021. While we are not sure if there will be female wrestlers in the mobile “NJPW Strong Spirits” game, that is something that would be worth a glimpse.

Tetsuya Naito vs Takaaki Kidani! The big money feud reignited? |NJPW STRONG SPIRITS

What We Know: 

While very little is known about the video game, we know the title is “NJPW Strong Spirits,” that the app will be in a management format, and will have players build and train a roster. “NJPW Strong Spirits” will be developed by “DreCom” and published by “Bushiroad,” (the card-trading and mobile game manufacturer). 

There is still no official gameplay footage for “NJPW Strong Spirits,” but there are comedic trailers of professional wrestler, Naito confronting “NJPW” owner, Takaaki Kidani. For a while, many people said that Japanese wrestling games are the best and I will leave that up for a debate. If you honestly think Japanese wrestling games are the best or think differently, voice your opinion via “Twitter.”

Naito delievers shocking demands to Kidani? |NJPW STRONG SPIRITS

Who knows? Maybe this mobile game will just be better than “King of Colosseum 2,” which focused on Japanese pro-wrestling while having American pro-wrestlers available to unlock. Maybe “NJPW” will be better than the “Ultimate Muscle” series, which is based on an anime/manga series. If you remember watching “Ultimate Muscle” on television, some of the exaggerated movesets were captivating. You are probably thinking, “I forgot about those wrestling games.” Exactly! Maybe after we lock our eyes on the gameplay footage, we can decide how special everything is (like the moves, to attire, to dialogue, and more). 

Some wrestlers most of us want to see in “NJPW Strong Spirits: Jon Moxley (who is also signed to AEW ‘All Elite Wrestling), and KENTA. Since the charismatic Kenny Omega (former leader of the ‘Bullet Club’) still feels attached to “NJPW,” being is one of the most known wrestlers that was on the brand, if he was an unlockable character, that would make perfect sense. Time will tell if certain stars are on the roster, but we are just ready to get to playing some wrestling (whether it is from the high-flyers, technicians, technical powerhouses, technical grapplers, brawlers, and more). 

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