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NiP take down MOUZ 2-1 on ESL Pro League Season 15

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nip vs mouz esl pro league season 15

After defeating G2 Esports 2-0 on March 10, MOUZ faced Ninjas in Pyjamas on Day 3 of ESL Pro League's Group A matches. Prior to this match, Ninjas in Pyjamas had not been defeated and topped the scorecard. To maintain that, NiP had to win against MOUZ.

Meanwhile, MOUZ beat G2, but they had lost to Entropiq earlier. To stay in the series, MOUZ had to beat NiP. After some action-packed skirmishes on Inferno and Vertigo, the game went into overtime.

Ninjas took over Inferno with REZ and es3tag

For the first map, MOUZ chose Inferno and even won the pistol round. But the Ninjas were amazing on the CT side. Initially, MOUZ dominated Inferno. Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras, David “frozen” Čerňanský, and Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt took down NiPs one after the other. Just like the last matches, MOUZ was slow and calculative.

But from the 8th round, NiPs took over the map. MOUZ fought hard, but Fredrik “REZ” Sterner and Patrick “es3tag” Hansen weren't having it. The Ninjas were quick to claim their lead back with some banana pushes and utility damage. e3stag, with his stealthy movements and m4, shone through and took down quite a few players. NiP closed their CT play with 9-6.

For their T side, NiP sustained their lead, and for round 20, the score stood at 13-7. Two rounds later, NiP were down to pistols and MOUZ took full advantage of that. For a while, it looked like Mouse Esports were reclaiming Inferno, but Ninjas soon got back in the game.

NiP planted the bomb early on for round 26. After an intense skirmish, it was 1v1 between phzy and NBK-. Just as NBK- was defusing, phzy gunned him down. With some precise shots from REZ, Ninjas closed Inferno in round 26, with 16-10.

Vertigo was tense, phzy and hampus made it to overtime

Ninjas in Pyjamas picked Vertigo as the second map, and MOUZ had a great start. frozen the rifler took 8 kills in the first 4 rounds. NiP broke through with their first win in round 5.

MOUZ resorted to pistols for round 7 and that's when NiP started gaining ground. frozen and NBK- tried to keep them at bay, but es3tag's well-timed shots and REZ's multi-kills, it was difficult. Just before switching to the CT side, Ninjas closed the half-time at 8-7 taking a slight lead.

Back on the T side, MOUZ managed to grab the lead. NBK- was on fire and helped Mouse Esports sustain the lead. REZ saved a round by defusing the bomb in the nick of time and scored NiP an important point in round 22. However, MOUZ was adamantly fighting

By round 26, NiP was gaining momentum, and the score looked 12-14. The Ninjas were slowly inching towards a draw and round 30 on Vertigo was especially tense. With some action-packed sequence, hampus and phzy defused the bomb and secured overtime.

MOUZ nailed overtime, but NiP dominated Mirage

MOUZ grabbed the first victory on Vertigo overtime, but NiP quickly settled the score. MOUZ pushed the rounds that followed and closed the overtime with 16-19.

Once the teams entered Mirage, MOUZ on the T side dominated the map from the get-go. NBK-, frozen, and Bymas went all in and took down the Ninjas. However, REZ and es3tag pushed hard and started gaining ground. MOUZ had an amazing 14th round; they secured it with just one rifle. Eventually, MOUZ closed their T side with a 9-6 score.

Back on the T side, Ninjas had a great start to the second half on Mirage. hampus in particular was quick on the trigger. He and REZ soon equaled the score at 9-9 a little after halftime. By the 21st round, NiP had taken the lead 11-10. Hampus Poser was on fire and was taking kills alongside REZ and es3tag.

nip defeat mouz esl pro league s15

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Finally, round 28 was the determiner and it was packed with skirmishes. Towards the end, it was almost a showdown between REZ and NBK-, and REZ gunned him down to secure victory for NiP. NBK- ended up with the most kills and a high K/D ratio of +17. Meanwhile, REZ secured 44 kills and a +6 K/D. As of now, the Ninjas remain undefeated at 3-0.

You can catch ESL Pro League Season 15, the biggest CS: GO tournament, live on their official Twitch channel.

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