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Nintendo Switch Removes X Integration in New  Firmware Update

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Nintendo Switch Removes X

Nintendo has officially ended support for X (formerly Twitter) integration with the Switch console through its latest firmware update. The 18.1.0 update primarily focuses on removing the ability for users to link their X accounts and directly post in-game screenshots to the social media platform.

With the 18.1.0 update, users can no longer link their X accounts to the Switch or select the “Post to Twitter” option when sharing from the Album in the HOME Menu. Additionally, the ability to post Super Smash Bros. Ultimate screenshots to Smash World via the Nintendo Switch Online app has been removed. Nintendo's patch notes for the 18.1.0 update provide a detailed breakdown of these changes.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo has become the last current-generation console maker to remove X (formerly Twitter) integration. Microsoft made this move first in April 2023, followed by Sony in November 2023. Slack, another major tech company, also discontinued its X integration, citing functionality issues caused by the API changes.

Nintendo announced these changes in May but did not provide a specific reason for the discontinuation. However, industry speculation suggests that the decision is related to X's recent pricing changes for its API, which now costs $42,000 per month for enterprise customers. This significant increase in cost likely influenced Nintendo's decision. Although none of the companies explicitly cited API pricing changes when they discontinued support, the timing aligns closely with X's updated pricing policy.

Despite dropping X support, Nintendo continues to allow Switch users to share content on Facebook, which does not charge for its API. However, Nintendo has indicated that this could change in the future, suggesting a potential reevaluation of social media integrations across the board.

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