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Nintendo Switch Online’s N64 Expansion Pack Isn’t Doing Too Well, Apparently



Latency issues. Game crashes. Mismatched textures. These are just a few of the many complaints that have fallen from the four corners of the globe after Nintendo rolled out the latest and not-so greatest Expansion Pack.

In a bid to draw more people to the Nintendo Switch Online platform, the red and white giant rolled out the red carpet for a bunch of Nintendo 64 and Sega games, all while sneakily doubling the annual price tag from a mere $20 to $50. However, subscribers to the newly-built Expansion Pack are suddenly insisting that Nintendo pull the platform back to the drawing room for some serious R&R.

Of course, in a nutshell, the advertised Expansion Pack sounded like the perfect homage to some of the greatest Nintendo 64 games ever made. And with the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time making it to the front of the line-up, it wasn't exactly a surprise to see so many old school fans flock to the latest service. However, after booting up the enhanced worlds — fans weren't exactly given the first-class treatment one would expect for an additional $30.


Not the ideal start for the Expansion Pack, that's for sure.

So, what went wrong?

Since launching the Expansion Pack, fans have swarmed social media to express their doubts over some (if not all) of the games that have planted roots on its database. Ocarina of Time, being the fan favourite, was just one of the many that went under fire almost immediately after arriving. From game crashes to jagged movements, downgraded visuals to choppy soundboards — the Expansion Pack basically flops in more ways than one. And that's, you know — bad.

Of course, with fans being divided, it's now up to Nintendo to clear the air and rebuild a few bridges. Until then, fans will continue to avoid paying full price for the half-complete package. So, here's hoping Nintendo can redeem the last 24 hours and reverse the tide. There has to be more to the Expansion Pack than this, surely? The question is: can Nintendo pull it out of the bag?

What do you make of the Expansion Pack? Have you had a chance to pick it up yet? Will you hold off paying full price until Nintendo patch it up? Let us know over on our socials here.



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