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Nintendo Switch Has Hit The Sixth Best-Selling Spot in Japan

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The Nintendo Switch has officially reached the sixth best-selling spot in Japan, according to Video Games Charts. With a rather spectacular display since its 2017 launch, the console has gone on to sell 19,410,000 units in the Japan region alone. Overall, the Switch has shipped just shy of 78,000,000, according to sibling data analysts. With that, by crossing the 19 million milestone, the Switch has now surpassed the beloved Famicom sales figures, which rests just below with 19,350,000. And then, of course, the chain hands down to the PS1, followed by the Super Famicom, and then the Game Boy Advance.

With the Switch continuing to surpass expectations and skyrocket into a global success, several data firms are now predicting that the console will go on to break the top five. For that to happen, the Switch will need to tackle the PSP (19.6m), PS2 (21.9m), Nintendo 3DS (24.7m), Game Boy (32.4m), and the Nintendo DS (32.9m). Having said that, with the Switch still classed as being in its infancy compared to the top five, it is incredibly likely that the hardware will reach the apex in years to come.

As stated in the data Tweet, Video Games Charts expects the Nintendo Switch to overtake the PSP in May, the PS2 around November, and finally, the 3DS by mid-2022. Of course, these comments can be taken with a slight pinch of salt, as there really is no telling whether or not the Switch will soar past the rival platforms. But having said that, with the turn of a new leaf and a whole spool of highly-anticipated games on the horizon — it'd be a major surprise if the Switch didn't reach the pinnacle of the Japanese market.

You can view the full details behind the Switch statistics on the official Twitter handle here.


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