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Nintendo Switch Dominates 2020’s UK Sales



When you take a gander at the market leaders in gaming, there’s never usually any major surprises when staring at the top. In fact, if Nintendo didn’t manifest some ludicrous amount of mouthwatering numbers in sales, then we’d be completely bewildered altogether. However, as recent stats have confirmed; the Nintendo Switch has actually dominated the 2020 UK market with flying colours.

With sales from both the Xbox and PlayStation consoles struggling to keep at the Switch’s heels, it seems as if the competition was already won by a few lengths. Oh, and I should also add that the sales from both Sony and Microsoft were actually combined and essentially a joint force. And yet, the two enormous brands still struggled to maintain a competitive streak against Nintendo’s little winner.

But is it better?

Of course, the Nintendo Switch isn’t perfect by a long shot. But it is, however, capable of running some outstanding games. With superstar franchise hits backing the global brand, we’ve seen some absolute monsters release onto the Switch, and at present, it definitely seems to be the overall favourite. I mean, Animal Crossing: New Horizons alone pretty much managed to sweep families off of their feet and into the nearest store. Then there’s the likes of Zelda, Super Mario and Pokemon, which, admittedly, are just as renowned for their global fanbase. Combine all of these games together and shove them on to one system — and you’ve got yourself a best-selling console.

2021 is well underway and sales continue to rise for the somewhat rare Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. Nintendo, on the other hand, are continuing to show off their shiny gold medal with more money to back their inflating egos. I suppose all we can really do is congratulate the company for delivering such an incredible console. And, also perhaps start looking in the January sales for a new Switch. Now, that’s marketing done right, Nintendo. Well played.

You can grab yourself a Nintendo Switch at any major gaming retailer. We’d also suggest taking a look at our recommended RPG’s, should you be on the hunt for your next adventure.