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Ninja & MrBeast Announce $150K LoL Ultimate Crown



ninja vs mrbeast lol

Ninja and MrBeast, two of the biggest streaming stars will soon be seen going head to head in a League of Legends competition. Titled “Ultimate Crown”, the competition has a stunning $150k prize.

Earlier today, MrBeast took to Twitter to announce the match. The streamer tweeted, “Ninja has accepted my offer. $150,000 League of Legends best of 3 match, we’ll announce our teams soon”. The tweet also informs fans about the venue and date. The LoL tournament will take place on July 9th in Las Vegas.

Ninja, too, has taken to Twitter to announce the League of Legends duel. In his tweet, Ninja said, “ITS GAME TIME @MrBeast you don’t stand a chance. See you in Vegas @crownchannel.

The two creators will head their teams in the ultimate battle and probably settle their beef there. Ninja and MrBeast will face each other at the HyperX Arena in Las Vegas. To watch them battle, fans can tune in to the match on Twitch. Here’s the link to the Crown channel. The first event is scheduled for July 9th at 4 PM PT and might last for 3 hours.

Ninja Vs MrBeast Ultimate Crown: Team, Players, and Format

So far, we know that Ninja and MrBeast will be the captains of their respective teams. As MrBeast has tweeted, both the creators will unveil their teams soon. Considering the prize pool, we can expect some high-profile players to join the teams.

As per MrBeast’s tweet, the competition will have a “best of 3” format. To take home the prize, a team will have to win two of three maps. As of now, it is unclear how the prize pool will be split.

As more details are revealed about the Ultimate Crown, we will update the details here.


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