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New Witcher Title Confirmed, Developed On Unreal 5



An exciting new reveal was made via the official Witcher Twitter account today. The teaser says everything you need to know: A new Witcher title coming soon! From the fantasy reveal of Hogwarts Legacy to this teaser, it seems to be a great month for gaming.

Potentially a whole new perspective in the same fantastical world, based on the words “A New Saga Begins”, we may be able to explore the setting in a whole new light, engrossed in a brand new narrative. Sadly, there are no further details, and it would be far too much to hope for a release date and some juicy footage this early on. But there is going to be plenty to look forward to.

Epic Games exclusive?

As seen from the official Twitter chain, the new Witcher title will be on the Unreal Engine. Partnering with Epic Games to help “Tailor the engine for open-world experiences.” I can already imagine what many of you may be thinking, does this mean that this will be another in a line of Epic exclusives? Thankfully not, while it is clear that there is going to be some deep cooperation between CD Projekt Red and Epic Games, their official Twitter account has cleared up any doubt about exclusivity.

We can safely assume based on the lack of further information that the release will be some time into the future. Until then, it looks like we'll have to keep getting Geralt into mischief over on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


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