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New Games On Steam: Hey June

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New Games on Steam

New Games on Steam is back for another week of kickass Indie games. This time, we bring you offbeat detective story, great open-world RPG, a story about a thread, and an epic battle simulator.


To start, we have Gedonia – a promising open-world RPG that is, at moments, reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus. Gedonia gives you a lot of freedom in character creation, so you can create your own unique mix of a warrior, mage, assassin, crafter, or a leader. Although the game is still in early access, it has been very well received. There's already a lot of content, like various factions you can join that have great lore. All in all, I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes one of the more popular games of 2020.

Falcon City

Kurt is an old-school cynical rabbit detective driven to find a girl who went missing in a Falcon City. Luckily, you are also very perceptive, and your sharp wit makes for some hilarious scenes with town offbeat characters. The choices you make throughout the game are of consequences, as there are multiple endings to this investigation. Falcon City is a great casual Indie that will satisfy your need for adventure, although just for an evening or two.

New Games on Steam: Falcon City

A satisfying noir detective story filled with quirky puns   What's On Steam

Ashen Forest

AshenForest is a retro roguelike RPG with a great sense of atmosphere. Your task is to purify the forest by eliminating enemies and huge bosses. To do this, Ashen Forest lets you choose between 3 characters: a hunter, a magician, and a warrior. Although the story ain't that fancy, Ashen Forest has a great fighting mechanic that easily makes it stand out from similar titles.


If you are looking for a beautiful and smart physics-based platformer, Unravel is perfect for you. You are thrust in the role of Yarny, a rather charismatic thread of yarn, who is set on an epic adventure. In Unravel, you will use your yarn for various tasks, like flying a kite and swinging from trees. The story doesn't have any dialogue, and yet somehow, that makes it even stronger.

Unravel gameplay

Unravel is inspired by a beautiful world of Northern Scandinavia What's New On Steam


Next, we have an intriguing battle simulator in which you will command units of gods, demi-gods, and other powerful mythological creatures. In Prophecy, no game is ever the same, as you can combine 50+ units with a vast amount of items and traits. There are countless ways in which you can build your team, and with a combination of RNG elements, the result is a very addictive gameplay. Prophecy can also be played PVP and has a ranked mode that can easily entertain you for weeks.New Games on Steam: Prophecy

Who will win in the battle of gods? Steam

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