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New Games on Steam: Easter Edition



New Games on Steam

Welcome to a special, eastern edition, of New Games on Steam. This week was especially rich in good games, and we cover everything from RPGs to creepy adventures. Let’s jump right in …

Plebby Quest: The Crusades

To start off, we have a charming turn-based strategy set in the time of crusades in the Middle East and Europe. Your environment is inhospitable and filled with bloodthirsty rulers looking to expand their empire – simply put, it’s kill or be killed. Are you able to not only survive but thrive in this environment, and make your kingdom prosper?

New Games on Steam: Plebby Quest

Plebby Quest is filled with sympathetic and funny characters(Steam)

Blind Spot

You wake up in your mansion and feel like something is slightly off. You can’t find your father and sister, with whom you’ve been living for years. To top it all off, you’ve just received puzzling texts from an unknown number. To uncover the mystery, you will need to solve dozens of puzzles, clues from which will slowly start forming a memorable story. Ready to find out what really happened?

 Blindspot gameplay

An unnerving atmosphere is mixed with beautiful graphics (Steam)

Ancient Enemy

Ancient Enemy is an RPG card game set in a crumbling world where forces of evil have finally prevailed. Your only hope is to rebuild your powers and defeat evil once and for all. Although the story is fairly predictable, the gameplay is fairly unique. Each battle requires careful strategizing and resembles a game of solitaire. The desolate landscape only adds to the atmosphere, gradually luring you in.Ancient Enemy gameplay(KillaPenguin)

Asteroid Fight

How about an intense multiplayer real-time strategy that’s set somewhere deep in space? Asteroid Fight challenges you to colonize asteroids, strengthen your infrastructure, and finally destroy enemies warp gates. This sounds quite simple on paper, but the game surprised us with its depth. There are dozens of different roles you can play, such as Predator, Engineer, and Supporter. You can also go completely off-the-wall and create your own unique playstyle by combining various items and abilities. Even better, Asteroid Fight lets you team up with your friends and have massive 4 vs 4 fights, which is where the game truly shines.

New Games on Steam:  Asteroid FightA complex RTS set in a galaxy far, far away … (Steam)


Lastly, we have an interesting point-and-click adventure called Heal. This is an experimental game that, instead of dialogue, heavily relies on setting up an unnerving atmosphere. You are playing as a mysterious old man traversing through this dark world and rediscovering his long lost memories. Heal is filled with puzzles and provides an interesting story that will keep you glued to your seat for an evening or two.

New Games on Steam: Heal

Should some memories stay forgotten? (Steam)

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