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New Games on Steam: Early June

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New Games on Steam

New Games on Steam is a weekly edition that covers some of the best Indie games that recently came out. This week, we go about terraforming Mars, answering the call of Gods, and testing our rhythm to defeat the evil carrots. You know, the usual stuff.

Causa, Voices of the Dusk

To start, let me introduce you to Causa – a new strategy card game from Niebla Games. The game features an interesting new mechanics of sacrificing cards to raise Cause. Later, these cards can be brought back and played in many unexpected ways, which makes Causa a breath of fresh air. Furthermore, the game is pretty challenging, even in the campaign, although the real fun starts in PVP mode. Best of all? This game is completely free to play.

Red Planet Farming

Elon Musk didn't get us to Mars yet, but that doesn't mean that we can't tend the red planet, at least virtually. Here, you will be playing as an Agricultural Director whose job is to make Mars more hospitable and produce food. To do this, you will have to combine various crops and upgrades. Although this is marketed as a casual game that starts fairly easy, it quickly becomes complex, so you'll need to think ahead at all times.

Red Planet Farming gameplay

Is there life on Mars?  Twitter

Rhythm Fighter

Rhythm Fighter is a roguelike action game with a twist. In it, you will take up the role of Mr. Disco, who will have to restore the order on Earth through dancing battles and defeat the Commander Chaos. As expected, Rhythm Fighter is filled to the brim with quirky humor that makes the game hard no to love. Combine this with kick-ass music and cool graphic style, and we got a great casual indie on our hands.

Rhythm Fighter gameplay

Can you feel the music? Steam

Way To Yaatra

You are a young pilgrim on his quest to answer the call of Gods. To do this, you will have to climb on top of the huge mountain with the help of spears and ascend to divinity. However, things get complicated with the mix of challenging puzzles that will keep your gears spinning. There are 4 spears, each of which uses a different mechanic. Aside from the gameplay. Way to Yaatra also has a mesmerizing visual artwork that easily charms. It's a well-polished adventure that might stay with you for a while.

New Games on Steam: Way to Yaatra

Way to Yaatra is a mesmerizing adventure with distinct visual style Steam

Gunfire Reborn

Lastly, we have an excellent FPS/RPG game with elements of Roguelite. Gunfire Reborn lets you choose between various unique heroes and then throws you into a procedurally generated level to fight against friends or bots. Furthermore, there's a lot of powerful weapons and unlockable skills that make the gameplay really fun and addicting. Gunfire Reborn reminded me of Borderlands, and although it's still early access, it is already a solid product.

New Games on Steam: Gunfire Reborn

You'll never know what waits around the corner Steam

These games are not your style? No biggie. You can take a look at our previous installment of New Games on Steam here.

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