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Netflix Announces “BioShock” Movie is in the Works

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In partnership with 2K, Netflix says a new BioShock movie is in the works. There are no reports of a writer or cast for the production yet, but the hype is already building around 2K's popular story franchise. The production is already in the works, with Vertigo Entertainment and Take-Two Interactive working together to produce the film.

Specifics have not been mentioned in regards to which game in the BioShock series the movie will be focused around, but keep a close eye. If I had to guess, I would put my money on seeing the underwater city Rapture from the first two games come to the big screen. This is because Vertigo Entertainment has previously produced horror series such as It, The Ring, and The Grudge to mention a few. I can't help but feel that the dystopic underwater city of Rapture is a perfect setting for both parties.

Previous BioShock Movie and Game History

In 2008, there were plans with Universal Studios and director Gore Verbinski to produce a BioShock film. The plans ultimately didn't fall through and left fans of the franchise in long-awaited anticipation. The good news is that Vertigo Entertainment has previously worked with Verbinski, and there is a high likelihood of him gaining the rights to this production again.

BioShock first came out in 2007 and is an adaptation to the System Shock game back in 1994. The first two games are modeled around a biopunk subgenre set in a dystopic world of looters and mutated persons. Of course, I can't forget the “Big Daddies” or “Mr. Bubbles” who you play as in the original game. In BioShock 2, you still find yourself in Rapture but not playing as a “Big Daddie”, and actually versing them.

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