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Mousesports dominates fnatic and wins ESL Pro League Season 10

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Last Tuesday began in Odense Denmark the finals of the 10th season of ESL Pro League Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The $ 600,000 split between the 16 teams that were in contention in the grand final, mousesports was the big winner. The European team beat Fnatic in the decision, took home $ 250,000 and also the beautiful cup of this edition. In addition, they also secured a direct vacancy for EMI Katowice 2020.

Mousesports reached the final after a great campaign in the tournament. The European team defeated powerful squads along the way, including world number one Astralis in the semi-final 2-1. A curious fact that happened in this match was the discontent of the Danish team captain Lukas ‘gla1ve' Rossander after the victory of the mousesports team.

Inferno: 16×11 mousesports

For the grand finale, the confrontation began in Hell, fnatic's map of choice. The Swedes did not start very well in the first half, but then shifted into gear and won the 9-6 split. However, in swapping sides, the Swedish defense didn't fit and showing a much higher attack, mousesports won almost every round played and closed the map at 16-11.

Finn ‘karrigan' Andersen celebrates the first map won in the grand final. (Image: Bart Oerbekke/ESL)

Train: 16×10 mousesports

On the Train map, the result of the first half of the previous map was repeated, 9-6, but with fnatic winning this time on the CT side. But again a turnaround took place in the change of sides. The team led by Finn ‘karrigan' Andersen simply gave odds to fnatic's TR, who could not meet at all in the match. Even with Ludvig ‘Brollan' Brolin inspired, the Swedes beat only the pistol. Final result: 16-10 mousesports, who won the last 10 rounds played.

Mirage: 16×10 mousesports

Coming to all or nothing in what could have been the last map of the great goal, Mirage, fnatic started the match by opening 2-0 from TR, but mouz managed to recover and turned the score to 3-2. The game continued fierce until the 10th round, but the mouz Europeans took control of the actions at the end of the partial and applied 10-5 CT, leaving the Swedes at a very delicate moment in the series.

With the advantage of switching sides, mousesports worked calmly the final rounds and even after a good reaction from fnatic, the team managed to quietly close the game by 16-11.

As a result, the European squad won the 3-map win at 0 and the Pro League S10 title with player Robin “ropz” Kool voted MVP for this tournament, reaching a rating of 1.39 in the grand final. The team now enters the fight for the third season of the Intel Grand Slam and has won a place for IEM Katowice 2020.

Mousesports wins another title in 2019. (Image: Bart Oerbekke/ESL)

ESL Pro League Season 10 final standings:

  1. Europe mousesports – $250,000 + IEM Katowice 2020 spot
  2. Sweden fnatic – $80,000
  3. Denmark Astralis – $40,000
  4. Russia Natus Vincere – $40,000
  5. United States Liquid – $20,000
  6. United States Evil Geniuses – $20,000
  7. Australia 100 Thieves – $17,000
  8. United States ATK – $17,000
  9. Brazil MIBR – $15,000
  10. France G2 – $15,000
  11. Australia Renegades – $15,000
  12. Europe FaZe – $15,000
  13. Brazil Sharks – $14,000
  14. China TYLOO – $14,000
  15. Denmark Heroic – $14,000
  16. Denmark North – $14,000

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