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5 Most Therapeutic Games on PlayStation 5



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Games as therapy is a relatively new concept in the gaming space. That isn't to say that it is without merit, however, as many games can offer players experiences that can truly help them. Whether it is a simple destress or maybe something a little deeper. The way in which the games accomplish this can differ, but either way, they are a great help. So without further ado, here are our picks for the 5 Most Therapeutic Games on PlayStation 5.

5. Tetris EffectPuzzle Games on PlayStation Plus Premium

Tetris Effect may not be your typical game for therapeutic purposes. But the rewarding feeling players can get from stacking these blocks can be highly constructive. The game's main objective is to complete various puzzles of varying difficulty. This offers an easy task that players can simply relax and enjoy accomplishing. Not every task in a game has to be daunting, and it is nice to simply have a game that players can relax and play in their downtime.

There are many different game mechanics that have been applied to the classic Tetris formula in Tetris Effect. For example, players can stop time with certain blocks, making it easier to complete puzzles. This is somewhat forgiving and allows the game to feel like less of a challenge. Players can also experience this game with friends if they are so inclined. This would open them up to social situations that would be a fantastic form of therapy in and of itself. All in all, Tetris Effect may not be the first title that you reach for when wanting to unwind, but it is still a fantastic choice for one of the best therapeutic games on PlayStation 5. 

4. Hohokum

Hohokum is a game with a unique premise. The game casts players in the role of a serpentine creature dubbed the Long Mover. Players are then asked to move through levels with very open-ended objectives. This makes this game fantastic for players who do not want to have to worry too much throughout their playtime. This is a great way to destress, and the art design of the game really gives it a relatively relaxing feel that players can enjoy in their downtime.

The game also has an interactive feature with the controller allowing it to change colors corresponding with actions on screen. This may not seem like much, but this intractability could really help players. The game operates with various visual and audio cues that tell the player when to accomplish certain actions. This means that the game isn't overly stimulating in the demands it makes of the player. This is fantastic for those who want a low-friction type of experience to relax with. In closing, Hohokum is a highly unique game that can prove to be very therapeutic for many PlayStation 5 owners.

3. The Pathless

The Pathless is a game for those who want a bit more action with their calming experiences. This game from the developers of Abzu casts players in the role of a nameless hunter. Alongside their eagle friend, players will be able to face beautifully designed beasts in a rather low-stress environment. While some games put a lot of pressure on the player, The Pathless does not do this, instead opting for the player to make their own adventure throughout the game.

The Hunter in the game is a nameless female that goes throughout the game exploring the lands and quelling different threats to peace. While the game doesn't have the nonviolent approach going for it. In terms of a therapeutic experience, the game's presentation is simply stunning and is wonderful to relax to. Additionally, the game chooses not to have a minimap to keep the player from feeling like their hand is being held either. This is great for player freedom and agency. In closing, The Pathless is a fantastic game that could have many therapeutic advantages for PlayStation 5 owners.

2. Abzu

Abzu is a game from developers Giant Squid that is rather special in its approach to gameplay. Rather than have the player face the perils of the deep, the depths of the oceans soon become a second home to the player as they move throughout the game. Players are able to interact with the game world in a way that is very low contact, which does away with a lot of the stress that players would typically feel in a game like this. With a great art direction and design, this game is simply visually stunning, if nothing else, and should be praised for its nonlinear storytelling.

Rather than have the character on a strict set path, players are able to find out the answers for themselves as they delve into the depths of the world and its lore. Players go through this game in search of what exactly is harming the environment around them. This experience makes the reward of finding out what is going on all the richer for the player. To close, Abzu is an absolutely stunning-looking game, and players who are looking into the therapeutic applications of gaming should definitely look into this title for the PlayStation 5.

1. Journey

 Journey is a game that doesn't have much in the way of dialogue. Rather it has players communicate with one another through symbols. This approach to multiplayer communication has caused many players to form a bond over the game. This makes it a wonderful game for those who have a bit of trouble connecting with others. While this game may be a bit older than others on this list, it has aged rather well due to some fantastic art direction and design.

The game doesn't take a long time to complete either, with the runtime of the game typically being around two to three hours. This is great for those who simply want to destress after a long day. The game also encourages interaction in a way that doesn't require too much of the player. To close, if you haven't tried out Journey, then now would be a fantastic time to pick up one of the most therapeutic games on the PlayStation 5.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Most Therapeutic Games on PlayStation 5? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.






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